Friday, July 19, 2013

Look, Ma! Friday Fragments!

Our lives are made up of fragments, aren't they? Big fragments like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, births, and funerals. Then there are the gazillion, everyday fragments such as

-" How I Spent my Summer Vacation Day"
- "What we Ate Where and with Whom" 
- "Delayed Gratification,"
-"I Don't Feel Very Good"
-"Repeat as Necessary"
-"Look, Ma, No Hands!" 
'This Will Be Funny Someday."

All of the above fragments happened in one Friday,  thus an appropriate segue into Friday Fragments.  

How I Spent My Summer Day  (on a late June Friday)

My husband just absolutely loves guitars. His favorite pastime, his way to relax and learn something and worship God, something this quiet man loves to talk about with other musicians, and the job he loved most (and hopes to retire and get back to) was selling guitars in a music store.  For his birthday last month,  we took a  2-hour ride  north up to Nazareth, PA, to tour the Martin Guitar Factory.  Hubby was curious to see how Martin makes their instruments. I asked him on the way up, "Do you want to buy one?"  Oddly enough, he said, "Oh, no. I'd never own one, " and proceeded to give me A,B,C reasons why they're not for him.  Funny man.   (Picture of the tour in a later post.)

What We Ate Where and With Whom

Cheesesteak subs at the only place anywhere near the factory--a pizzeria across the street. It was so crowded  inside that we had to eat outside. Normally that's great, but it was hot and humid.  And by "we" I mean our grown daughter and our middle school-aged son.  And by "hot and humid" I mean Hotttttt and Huuuuuuuuuumidddddd.  

The tour and gift shopping took about 2 hours .

When we left Nazareth,  we drove 1.5 hours east to a car dealership. Our daughter--on a quest for a better vehicle-- ended up getting a great price on an older Santa Fe.  Delaying the gratification was no fun. It took almost 4.5 hours between the test drive, the appraisal of her trade-in, the negotiating, dinner at Perkins--with too much pie--and waiting for financing to be approved. But her (our) patience paid off. She got the vehicle.  

Of course they detailed it beautifully. 

How long would it stay that way? Two weeks?

Try one hour.

3.  For the ride home, my boy asked me to sit in the back seat with him to use my "cushy lap" as a pillow.  How does a plumpish mom take that--a lefthanded compliment? I took it more on the compliment side. Of course I would.  "I don't feel very good," he informed me. He had a headache from the factory fumes, the heat, the boredom, the greasy sub, the Perkins pie, and the lack of fluids during the day.  

Halfway home, he sat upright, groaned,  and leaned forward, hands over mouth. 

"He's gonna throw up! Pull over!"
"He's got a migraine. He's gonna barf! Pull over!!" 

Daughter, completely taken by surprise,  driving an unfamiliar vehicle, on the busy interstate, at night, in a BRAND SPANKING CLEAN car, pulls over.  Can't find the UNLOCK button. I'm grabbing a wooly blanket from the very back to catch the vomit in. Hubby jumps out his side, flings the boy's door open wide, and I plead and push the boy (gently,of course??), "Lean ALL THE WAY OUT,  HONEY!!!"   My right hand on the blanket, my left one reaching for HandiWipes in my purse,  I am one talented mom. 

We clean him and the new car best we can with...more HandiWipes.  

All was well for another half hour. 

Then we all repeated as necessary.  Yep, boy bolted upright with his Walmart bag. I grabbed the already wadded up-with-womit-on-it  wooly blanket. Daughter pulls over. Hubby jumps out, flings door open.   The shoulder of Exit 97 on I-95 gets some juicy morsels for the turkey vultures to enjoy.


This Will be Funny Someday.

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Amy said...

OH MY!!!

love your pretty new blog design by the way :)

Lea Culp said...

Oh, I'm sitting here eating a sandwich while reading this and thinking that was NOT a good idea. Ugh, how awful!!!

Now, on to some more business........Replying to your comments earlier today. Yes, you can stop and start the movies. I use NEtflix and Amazon Prime to watch movies and they are both fabulous.

You have got to get your "no reply" set to reply so that we folks can easily reply to you about comments. And, it would be great if you had your email available through some means on your blog. I hated using your comment space for all this chatter, but it was my only means, other than through FB. You can Google how to change the no reply, that's what I did.

Okay, that's all for now. Happy uneventful weekend to you!

Zoanna said...

Amy, thank you.
Lea, I googled how to fix that, per your request. Got a google email address. NOw to remember to check it. HOpe it makes life easier for everyone who tries to reply (and I DO like knowing that I wasn't just being ignored. I hate when I ask the blogger a question and she doesn't reply. Feels like you're talking to a mime.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, what a way to break in your daughter's new car! Sorry about that...but I thoroughly enjoyed your rendition of the tale :)

Joyce said...

I would take it as a compliment, especially since he wasn't feeling well and wanted his mama nearby. I relate a little too well to car sickness : )

Keetha Broyles said...

Migraine nightmare!!!

Doreen McGettigan said...

Oh no the poor kid. I hope he has recovered.
My husband sells cars and I always tell him you MUST find a faster way to get folks in and out. It is ridiculous. I would never have the patience therefore would never have a new car if he didn't just bring one home to me every now and then. God knows what he is doing:)
We must be sort of neighbors because I know of all the places you mentioned. I live in Delaware County, Pa.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Oh no! YUCK!