Monday, July 15, 2013

Much Ado about Nothing Much

It's Monday and I am pausing in the middle of a stack of laundry to write a post on my iPad. It's guaranteed to be brief at this rate.  My IT son worked to fix our laptop but it still needs something before we go online with it.

I made a front door wreath of burlap, fake lilacs and daisies on Saturday.  Anyone want to see pictures?
They're on the laptop so you'll have to wait.

Tonight my daughter is taking me out for Indian food. Or I'm taking her out. Which is it?  She bought the groupon and asked me to go with her, I'm paying the difference, she is driving, she is tipping.  You decide. She is then taking her little brother to an Ironbirds game ( minor league baseball).  Such a thoughtful, generous daughter and big sister she is.

Our microwave had been beeping more loudly and  more often the past few days. It went from annoying to alarming. Alarming because  A) it's electrical and I'm a scaredy cat about all things electrical.   B)  It said "Power level is" but didn't say WHAT the power level is.  Deadly? or nearly dead?   How I  hate incomplete sentences, don't ?  I called hubby but he was unavailable ( very rare).  I called 311 because 911 seemed a bit dramatic. I explained my ( heart-pounding ) non- emergency to the Baltimore City 311 lady who gave me the number for my county non-311, non- 911 help. Meanwhile my niece suggested I unplug the microwave. Well, do you know scary that is to me? Like shaking hands with a sedated snake.   I did the deed, felt brave and foolish at the same time, and much relieved that the snake did not wake up and zap me when I touched him.

Last week our pastor asked which of our God-given vineyards ( health, house, relationship, job, church, etc) we needed to work on. I chose health. I need to lose weight, get my knee checked out so I can start exercising, and move forward. So I will be attending A Better Weigh seminar tomorrow  and seeing an orthopedist on Wednesday. I am debating changing primary  healthcare providers to someone closer with a more professional staff. But I do like her.  Decisions, decisions.

I also joined a quilting class to begin in September. Yay! Someone to teach me what I've been fumbling to teach myself.  I also am thinking of upgrading to an electronic machine. Any suggestions?


Lea Culp said...

Blogging from your IPad, I've never done that, but I do have it set up to do so. Maybe one day........

I bet you will be great at quilting and bet it will be great therapy for you as well.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

April said...

I can visit other blogs from my iPad, but I have a hard time posting from it because my pics. aren't where I want them to be and such. Ever had any problems with that?

A quilting class sounds like fun! My grandma was a big quilter and I've always be interested in learning. It's such an art!

Be sure to stop by my blog today, if you can. I'm having a giveaway for a FREE 8 x 10 Easy Canvas! Would sure love to have you join in! :)