Sunday, July 28, 2013

Her Marathon is Over

Earth lost a saint and heaven gained one this past Wednesday. My dear friend Carol crossed the Finish Line on Wednesday after a 26-year battle with MS.   Her memorial service is this afternoon.  I was going to say "my heart is heavy today" but truthfully it isn't. Oh, I am certainly sad for  those of us left behind, but the weight of her suffering is now gone. As her daughter told me yesterday at the viewing, it's like the burden that everyone has been carrying, has been lifted.  

The last time Carol spoke was on Sunday. She said, "I'm ready for heaven." 


Lea Culp said...

Oh,we, too, lost a dear, dear friend this past Tuesday. It was a sudden death, absolutely no warning. He had a heart attack and that was that! Goodness, both deaths are hard but there is preparation when someone has been sick for years and years. May you find comfort in knowing she is well and walking those beautiful streets of gold!

Susan Kane said...

Such a rejoicing in Heaven when she arrived!

mare ball said...

So glad your friend was ready. That makes all the different. I lost a friend 3 years ago, but she was a woman of great faith, and with a smile on her face, in her last hours, she kept saying, "I'm going to see Jesus." Every death should be so blessed.