Wednesday, August 07, 2013

May the Sun Never Set on the Hodgepodge

Hats off to our Hodgepodge hostess, Joyce, for coming up with questions for us to answer just about every week.
There are no rules--just gentle nudges--to read here, click above, then proceed.  Simple.

Which leads me to the first question: 
1. The first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week...what's one thing you could do this week to qualify as a participant?

Get my hair cut today! One good cut is simpler than dealing with hair bands, clips and pins.  Can't wait till  I'm in  the salon chair, AKA my happy place. 

2. It's also National Peach Month...peach pie, peach cobbler, or please pour me a Bellini?  What's your peach pleasure?

Wow, I love peach just about any way you wanna serve it.  Right now as I write this, I am sipping a  Smirnoff Ice Peach Bellini.  July passed and I had not one SLICE of peach pie. What is WRONG with me? Oh, yeah, I'm sensitive to gluten.  Tomorrow, now that you've mentioned it,  I'll be in a cobbler  mood.  Thanks a lot. I didn't need the suggestion. But if you're serving cobbler, why don'tcha go ahead and plop a scoop of peach ice cream on top. I'll ignore all the gluten, fat, and sugar and just tell myself how good peaches are for me. 

3. Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote, "Do one thing every day that scares you." Agree or disagree...explain.

Disagree big time if she meant it literally "every day."  I would not enjoy living if I did something scary every day.  But I do think it's liberating to face one's fears and move forward courageously in spite of them. Fears get smaller the more you battle and conquer them.

4. What's your favorite household chore?  Yes-you have to name one.

I actually like putting dirty clothes in the washing machine. I love to close the glass door on my front-loader and watch the water mix with the soap and then tumble things 'round and 'round. It's relaxing.

5. Fodors recently listed (what they've dubbed) the ten most beautiful sunset spots in America. Click here to read more and see the pretty pictures, but this is their list:

Butterfly Beach in Santa Monica CA, Mount Haleakala in Maui HI, Old Fort Marcy Park in Santa Fe NM, Laguna Beach CA, Hopi Point in Grand Canyon AZ, Four Seasons in Miami FL, Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica CA, Gay Head in Martha's Vineyard MA, Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City UT, and Mallory Square in Key West Florida.

Have you seen the sun set from any of these spots?  If you could choose to watch the sun set this weekend from one spot on the Fodors List, which would you choose?  Where was the prettiest sunset you've ever seen?

I was in Santa Monica, but not when the sun set.

Of the places on Fodor's List, I'd choose Hopi Point in Grand Canyon.

Prettiest sunset I've ever seen? Whoa! How does one choose  a single work of art in God's gallery?  I remember one a couple months ago: I was driving home from grocery shopping (my LEAST favorite household chore).The sky was vivid orange, plum, coral, periwinkle, black and white--streaked, striped, and stacked in the sky. I think my mouth hung open and I just wanted to call everyone I saw and say, "HAVE YOU SEEN THE SUNSET? LOOK! You HAVE TO SEE this before it's gone!"     I pulled over just to stare.  By the time I got home, that particular sunset had changed already. (Still glorious but not quite as mesmerizing.)

6. What's your favorite or most used app?  If you don't use apps how about your favorite or most visited website?

Words with Friends.   

7. We've recently passed the halfway mark for 2013...write a seven word sentence that sums up your year thus far. 

When kids decide to vacate, Mom redecorates!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

This past week I learned a thing or two about how scammers work. Thankfully I didn't lose anything but time, and I gained a good deal of wisdom in the process. So it wasn't all that bad.  I could easily have wasted the next two weeks designing English tutoring sessions for a boy from England who does not exist. 


Elizabeth said...

You're right. A good haircut really does simplify your life.
We love great sunsets too. Our living room faces in a south-west direction and we're often in the living room or passing through around the time the sun sets. It's not unusual for someone to call out, "Hey,look at the sunset. It's great."

The Henry Crew! said...

I love sunsets like that! The other day I was driving to the store (I agree, not the most fun of chores) and I saw a gorgeous sunset appearing in the sky, so I chased it! Kept on driving right past the grocery store with the soul-sucking flourescent lights, and on to the coast so i could see the colors in all their glory! The heavens declare the Majesty of our God, indeed! :-) And a giggle for your 7-word sentence... my hubby always joked that he came home to a new house every time he was gone for a deployment! :-)

Joyce said...

Your comment about sunsets reminded me of a song we used to sing at camp, "Have you ever looked at the sunset, with the sky mellowing red...seen the clouds suspended like feathers, then I'd say, you've seen, Jesus My Lord..." Gonna be singing that one all day now : )

Getting my hair cut ranks in my top ten favorite things to do. Enjoy!

Skoots1moM said...

some ppl can be so mean these days with scamming, hacking and cheating; hope you don't have that happen again

Lea said...

Okay, you must post photos of your new "do."

Loved your 7 words, of course, you have always been great with using fewer than normal words.

Happy rest of the week!

Debbie Petras said...

Yes I guess we do have laundry in common. :) Thanks for stopping by Heart Choices and adding your comment. I think you made a good point about sunsets. If only we'd simply stop and notice. God has an amazing art gallery!

Blessings and love,