Friday, August 02, 2013

Strings, Chords, Threads, Cords, Strings

My hubby's happiness is most evident when he's strumming a guitar. It makes me happy to see and hear  him in the presence of this beloved stringed instrument.   Here he is at the Martin Guitar Factory, which we toured for his birthday. (And no, he didn't end up buying a guitar.)

These are so typical of the faces he makes when playing.  Takes me back to the first time I laid eyes on him in 1985. He was playing guitar in the inner city for a kids' Bible club.

   THE NEWLYWEDS  are blissful, from what I hear. I haven't seen my son and daughter-in-law since the wedding, but I see their mushy, gushy Facebook posts.  He commented that he loves to wake up to her, come home from work to her, have devotions with her,  and loves to hear her hum as she works around the house.  His quote, "Whoever made up this whole marriage thing sure knew what He was doing!"   

Photo: Copyright: Timeless and Treasured Photography

photo credits: Timeless and Treasured Photography 

  On my wish list for my upcoming birthday this month:

A Janome  DC 1050 sewing machine.   I've been researching computerized machines for a while, 
and all the reviews for Janome are excellent, so it's just a matter of finding the features I want in my budget.   Well, I wish I could have the automatic thread cutter and other bells and whistles to make quilting less time consuming, but the model I'd be very happy with is the DC (Decor Companion) 1050.   We shall see.   

Question: Would you shop online from a dealer if it meant saving $60 and getting some extras thrown in, or support your local dealer and get their invaluable in-person help and maybe no extra freebies?
My local dealer is an excellent repairman, and I like to support ma-and-pa shops, but I also know how much fabric $60 would buy. Hmmmm....

   My sister's baby is due any time now!  These arms are aching to hold a baby again, especially a soft little pink bundle!  Her cord will no longer be a physical one attached to her mommy, but a cord that will forever unite them in the heart. Can't wait for my sister to know this unspeakable joy of mothering. 

   I'm contemplating  getting an altogether new hairstyle.  My appointment is next week. What do you think? Stick with my normal or go to  something different? If so, what? My hair is naturally curly and grows fast, so it forgives many a mistake. But right now it's a combo of bushy and stringy, depending on the weather. "Give me The Bushy Stringy style," said no woman ever to her hairdresser.

I feel like I am starting a new season in my life and want a haircut to be part of expressing it. But my hubby says I spend way too much time thinking about my hair and really it probably won't matter to anyone but me.

Men. They can be too darn right sometimes. 
But women get it, don't we? 


Carrie B said...

Good question on the sewing machine dilemma. Maybe the local shop will match...?

Your son is soo sweet. Love, love, love his comment on marriage. I'm praying with all my heart my kids find the perfect match and experience just this feeling. {sigh}

Ah, the hair. On my dying day I will want my hair to look just the right way. I imagine God won't care but I still will. tee hee

For what it's worth...GO FOR IT! It'll grow back and you might find a fabulous new style and wonder why you waited so long! :)

Susan Kane said...

Support your local dealer, but tell him the price you found on-line. He may not be able to match it, but it worth it to form a relationship with people at this store; they offer classes, help with problems, etc.

Lea Culp said...

I'm with the other two, buy local and see if he will match the internet price. We're all about supporting local businesses, but then again, my husband has an insurance agency here.

Oh, me, about hair.........I think most women spend too much time thinking about their hair, but hey, if we aren't happy with our hair, then we're likely not happy period. So, maybe make a minor change and ease into a major change if you think that's what you want. You might enjoy going with a straighter look but using a flat iron. I did that about 5 years ago and it was such a difference but I loved it. I thought I never would learn to use a flat iron, but I finally got the hang of it. And, might I add, Chi is the only flat iron to own. Good luck with your decision.

Have a happy weekend!