Friday, September 20, 2013

"52 Things" Birthday Card(s)

A close friend of mine had a birthday back in July. She was almost a Yankee Doodle Dandy. 

You might deduce from
the photo below how many fingers she would have to hold up
if asked how old she is. 

My daughter-in-law actually found this idea on Pinterest
and made a "52 things" for her beloved--my son--
                                                                    as a Christmas gift.

I adapted it to suit (pun intended) my friend.


1 deck of playing cards, hole punched
2 binder/ book rings
Scrapbook paper cut to fit as a cover for the front
Letter stickers for the title on the front

 If I had thought to make this gift ahead of her birthday I would have typed out the messages,
but it only occurred to me that day, and I was busy making a pillow for her as her "big" gift.

The deck of cards came from Dollar Tree. When I told the cashier what I was making, she said, "It must be hard to come up with 52 nice things to say about someone."

I replied, "Not when you love them."


mare ball said...

Love this idea! A similar thing on Pinterest is binding all your greeting cards you've received in the same way. Thank yous, bdays, mother's day, etc. I've sorted mine and done that - keep them all in a nice basket. I flip through them now and then. The deck of cards is so great!

Lea said...

Well, that is just too cute! I'll have to store that in my "memory bank" for future use. Happy week!

Susan Kane said...

What a totally awesome idea! Thanks!