Sunday, September 08, 2013

Daybook 9.8.13

The Simple Woman's blog provides the inspiration for me to blog sometimes.


Outside my window... cool and crisp with a choir of crickets caroling choruses.


I am thinking... of pursuing my daughter's offer (plea?) to have me come in her to first grade class once a week (on a day she doesn't have a professional aide) to help her with a group during phonics sessions.   

I am thankful... that I think we have finally found a new home church.   

In the kitchen...  the dishwasher chugs and swishes rhythmically, albeit loudly.  I have been less than enamored of the sales pitch about this machine being "quiet."  Were it any louder, I'm afraid I'd have to fasten my seatbelt and secure all overhead compartments.

I am wearing... a sleeveless royal blue shirt and purple shorts, AKA  one of my "do not answer the door looking like this" outfits.

I am creating... a new budget, more storage space in my sewing room, and soon my first sampler quilt. 

I am going... to be asking questions --uncomfortable questions-- of two different people this week and am intimidated, but must know the answer. Please pray.  

I am wondering... how on earth I could be any more joyful about a new baby in our family than I am about my new niece.  A few days ago my daughter and I were having lunch exactly next door to the chiropractor's office where my sister was and we got to see little one for 15 minutes! Oh, my, she fits on the doctor's forearm and seems to love the treatment up and down her back, and she doesn't squeal one bit when he flexes her legs and holds her upsidedown. 

I am reading... . The God-Shaped Brain, upon a strong recommendation by my friend Sandy who shares my intrigue with how the mind works.

I am hoping...that I can be my sister's and niece's travel companion in October. They're flying to Texas for four days to meet the other aunties.

I am looking forward to... starting my quilting class. 

I am learning. a lot about vintage and antique sewing machines. I even acquired one last weekend for $50 and can't wait to have it rewired. (For inquiring minds, it's a 1950-51 Singer 15-91) and came with a loaded, beautiful cabinet and retro stool. 

Around the house...I am getting ready to decorate for fall--my favorite season. 

I am pondering... something Jesus said about his followers: "I am not ashamed to call you brothers."    

A favorite quote for today..."I think I might build my own guitar," said my husband, smiling, showing those dimples I'm still in love with after all these years.

One of my favorite things... finding a GREAT deal on fabric. Yesterday at a community yard sale I bought about $165 worth of quilting fabric for only $14.   Happy dance! Woot! Yippee!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  have labwork done, attend Bible study, take my new old sewing machine in for new wiring, finish cleaning out the craft room closet, take a quilting class, see and hold my niece again. I need a baby fix at least once a week. So far so good. 

A peek into my day...   

How about you just imagine it? You wake up a full hour earlier than you have to because the neighbor's border collie is yapping on and on and on. A shrill pitch in an otherwise totally quiet morning air. 

Arf!Arf!Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! for at least a half hour.   Arf! Arf! Arf!  You start your day with prayer--for forgiveness of murderous thoughts toward dog and oblivious owner.


Susan Kane said...

What a way to start a Monday! It blessed me so.

You will love quilting--it is addictive.

Lea said...

OH, I can just see you now when you have your first Grandchild. You will be just as silly as the rest of us. It's so great to love them and then give them back. A great deal!

A barking dog is grounds for shooting. I cannot stand it and thank goodness we do not have neighbors close enough to have that bother. Otherwise, it would be tough.

I'm sure your daughter will cherish the time you "give" her class. What a gift!

Wishing you a great new week!