Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Exploring Ideas in the Hodgepodge

1. The USA will mark Columbus Day this year on Monday, October 14th. What's something you need or want to explore (literally or metaphorically speaking)?

I have given this question ample freedom to move about the cabin of my mind since reading it yesterday. 

Nothing I NEED to explore at the moment, although my master bedroom closet could be described as other-worldly right now in its current state of disarray. 

 I would like to explore:
- the possibility of a world without bugs. I'm sure many of them are necessary to the ecosystem, but I do have some questions for God when I get Home.  

-the world of patents for some things I've invented when I saw a need  (as in the medical therapy eye bikini I wrote about yesterday). 

-the world of electrical wiring as a way to face my fear of death by shock.  I really want to replace the frayed wiring on the Singer sewing machine that I bought this past summer, and say, "I did it all by myself." I don't want to pay someone to do it, except that--and this is minor, I suppose--I'd rather not die trying.

 2. The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty...who do you most love to hate?

I've never seen  The Little Mermaid and I don't recall Maleficent. (Was that the name of the wicked stepmother?) So by process of elimination, and because I am a Kansas girl who has watched Wizard of Oz umpteen jumpteen times, I'm going with WWW.

3. Is open-mindedness a virtue?

Yes, unless it includes stupid logic such as being open to the idea that the world created itself, that unborn babies are just tissue, that calling right wrong and wrong right is just personal choice instead of sin,  or the notion that "all roads lead to God."  Jesus said, "Narrow is the road that leads to heaven, and few are those who find it."   

Keeping a mind open to differences of opinion, new ways of thinking, being willing to change when one is in the wrong--yes, those are some of the virtuous sides to open-mindedness. 
4. How often do you weigh yourself?

Till I get the lowest number for the day.  

Speaking of scales, I have to tell a funny little story. When my youngest was 3  years old, he was in the bathroom with me as I brushed my hair. He stepped on the scale and I said, "Look at you! 39 pounds already!"  He equated pounds with points, I suppose,  and said (too eagerly), "Mommy, now YOU  'tep on it and see how many points YOU get!" 

I felt like saying, "That's okay, honey. Mommy knows she's a real winner.  I wouldn't want you to feel  bad when I hit the jackpot."

5. This question comes to you courtesy of Rebecca over at Making Memories, so thanks Rebecca! 

Costa Rica was recently named the happiest country in the world on the Happy Planet Index. What's the happiest country in the world to you, and what makes it so?

Ten years ago I would have said the USA.  But now, not so much. When I think of happy countries, for some reason Australia comes to mind. Seems like everyone who talks like Indiana Jones is happy. 
6. Besides The Bible, what is one book you think should be mandatory reading for high school students? Why?

To Kill a Mockingbird, because it's a superbly written novel on the reality of racism, human rights, and the justice system in our country not that long ago.  
7. I went shopping at some nearby outlets last week, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. How about you? Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Yes, I have a few things picked out that just "had their name on it" when I saw it. Little surprises for my girls thus far. And I am working on making some gifts as well.  Considering that I am also taking a quilting class that has "homework," the gifts may or may not be given THIS Christmas. Is that the Christmas you are referring to, Joyce? The one coming in 2.5 months?

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Thanks for praying for me, if you did, last week when I was nervous about my interview. I got the job as art teacher! It's very sporadic, not steady, but that's okay.  I didn't really want to give up blogging for making money anyway. Ha!

Besides,  at a recent funeral, I ran into an old friend/former colleague from the crisis pregnancy center where I used to volunteer 20 years ago. She said, "Zoanna, we could really use you again. Those women need Jesus, honey!"   I am exploring about (and praying about earnestly) returning to that counseling ministry again. 


Anonymous said...

So glad you got the job! I hope things work out for the other possibility, too :)

Nikki Scatchard said...

I think Cinderella had the wicked stepmother.. I don't remember sleeping beauty at all. I liked the animal disney movies better than the disney princesses.

April said...

SO happy your job worked out, Zoanna! You know, I've thought about volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center, as well. I think it would be so rewarding.

Lea said...

OH, you are so hysterical! #4 made me laugh out loud over the "point system."

Loved your answer to #3 about open mindedness.

Hope you enjoy your new job and so glad you didn't have to give up blogging to get it.

Sally Henry said...

Hi there bloggy friend!!! Congrats on your new job - as if there was ANY doubt you would get it! Woot Woot!! (And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who put WWW as the one they love to hate...) And you're a winner to me, no matter how many "points" you got on the scale! :-)

Joyce said...

Maleficent is the evil lady who convinces Aurora to prick her finger on the needle. Congrats on landing the job! I'm glad you don't have to give up blogging for something so pesky as work : )