Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Letters, the Yikes and Yucks Version, EDITED

Stupid me!!! I linked to Half Past Kissin' Time, but that is Friday Fragments, not Friday's Letters. Oh, boy , do I have egg on my middle age face right now.  I didn't realize this when I posted. My apologies to the hostesses. I don't have time to rewrite, but I will say, if my post were a cake, I'd call it Fragments Frosted with Letters.

Having issued my embarrassment paragraph by way of introduction,

here's what my UNedited version said.....

Friday's Letters from Half Past Kissin' Time is a fun meme to participate in.

Dear Blogging Friends,  I have been MIA here because I've had quite the week, medically speaking.  On Monday morning, after 10 days of escalating headaches, my pain reached an 8.5 on the 0-10 scale, there was tingling in my right arm, I couldn't take any noise or light. Tried to get a doctor appointment but they were booked solid. Patient First doctor did a quick neurological test and sent me directly to the ER for  a CT scan.  That was about 11:00 a.m. ;  I decided I was too scared to be alone. So...

Dear Hubby,  thank you for dropping everything at the office to come sit with me in the ER.  You are always what I want near me in a crisis.  By noon, the pain was at its peak, but at least I knew you were there.

Dear  Daddy, what a surprise, what a comfort to see you walk into my hospital room by 12:15. Have I ever told you how much I adore how you always dress up for hospital visits? The quintessential chaplain, you sported your suit jacket and tie  for Mama last week for her surgery, and this week for my episode.  They say a girl loves a man in uniform, and I just love the threads you rock.

Dear Diagnosis, they labeled you a  migraine.  I have to say, after losing two friends to brain cancer in the last two months, I was nervous as you-know-what to hear your name. When I couldn't knock you out in 24 hours with ibuprofen,  an ice pack ,  and a dark room, I had to take action.

Dear Nasty Stomach Bug, I say it is HIGH time to get out of my husband's life. Within hours of being released from the hospital, I have seen you level this man.  He's been a freezing cold, convulsing leaf one minute and a burning hot muffin the next.  For four days straight!  He has been seated on the throne longer than Louis XIV.

Dear Marriage Vows, the "in sickness and in health" line that were part of you? Yes, we have faithfully kept you, but much prefer the latter.  However, it sure is nice to know that covenant means something to people when the "going" gets tough. Or frequent. Or both.

Dear Nikon camera battery, I guess the orange light that tells me you're charging actually means nothing.  I went to pop you into my camera this morning to take a picture of my Middle School son dressed as a baby for Spirit Week. You wouldn't work. Zip. Zilch. Zero charge. I am guessing that after 7 years,  you signed a DNR order?    I sure did want to get a picture of Joel with that bib around his neck. We made it ourselves last night and it's rather adorable, if I say so myself.


Lea said...

Oh, my goodness, you and Hubby have had quite the tough week I'd say. Sounds like you are doing good now, but poor Hubby. I do hope the weekend will bring him restored health. Ugh, on sickness!

Always fun to stop by and read your entries as I can be assured of at least a smile but usually a big chuckle!

Happy weekend!

Amy said...

all that sickness sounds awful but your sense of humor about it sure made me laugh! :) hope everyone is feeling better by now.

unrelated, at the risk of sounding self-promotional, have you seen my "treasures" series on my blog? I keep thinking of you because (I think) it's the kind of posts you most enjoy--and because I can really see you writing a series or your own treasures that I bet would be just lovely :)