Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Nacho Hodgepodge; It's Mine.

This is Volume 146 of the Wednesday Hodgepodge, thanks to Joyce and the crop of questions she is able to pick from her "mind fields."  (Oh, that pun bombed.)

Moving right along...

1. What was your biggest worry five years ago?  Is it still a worry? 

Losing one of my parents.   No, I have peace now. I truly believe that God will be All I Need when that time comes. 

2. Yesterday (October 15th) was National Grouch Day...what makes you grouchy? What cheers you up when you're feeling grouchy?

Too little sleep, people who sit at green lights in front of me, calling folks to the table for dinner and they don't come right away,  the neighbor's barking dog (which I've mentioned here about as often as she barks), being hungry, not understanding directions, people who take forever to make a decision, listening to too much small talk or to someone dominate a conversation. 

What cheers me up?  Comedy.  Listening to comedians on Youtube at nights till my face hurts.

3.  In one word, how does it feel to be photographed?   


4. Besides your parents, who would you say had the greatest influence on you in choosing your life path?  Explain. 

A high school teacher, Miss Yarnall, who taught English, French, and home ec, was a missionary to Africa, was an Army nurse and (much later) the school nurse at my Christian high school .  I didn't realize at the time how much influence she had on me. She passed away last year at the age of 90. 

5. The crisp days of autumn are here ...what's something you like to eat, but only if it's crisp?


6. What's the most useless object you own?

My memory.   

Nah, I guess I don't OWN it. It's on loan like the rest of my parts.
Um, useless tangible object I own?   a big ole TV in my son's closet.  Too heavy for hubby and me to carry, and no one thinks about it when the buff sons are home. 

7.  Share a favorite fall memory. 

     In September of 2002, I was healed of a freak pelvic injury I sustained while giving birth to my last child--an injury that required me to use Depends, a walker, a round-the-clock nurse (ie my hubby), and a lot of pain medicine. 

     One month after my MIRACULOUS, INSTANTANEOUS, SUPERNATURAL  healing, we took a trip to New Hampshire to visit dear friends, and while there we hiked the White Mountains.  I don't think I've ever said, "Thank You, Jesus!" more times in a single day than I did that day as I  took step after step, up the mountain, down the mountain, pain free.  I hope I never forget that exhilarating gift.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Today, after school, after I reminded my boy to put the dishes away and his clean clothes, he did so and then plopped down at the kitchen table to do homework.  

Having just recently lost three friends in five months, I asked my   sixth grade son what legacy I'm leaving. He asked me to explain. I said, "What will you remember me for when I die?"

He thought about it and said, "For making me."   

I said, "For making you what? Do chores? Chew with your mouth closed? Hold the door for ladies?"

He said, "No. For making me.  YOU know...MAKING me?"   

Oh, the inflection with raised eyebrows cracked me up .


April said...

I love the story about how you were healed, Zoanna...gave me goosebumps! The story about your son made me laugh...gotta love the honesty of kids!

Lea said...

I think you have alluded to your healing in a couple of previous post but I had no idea just what a healing it was. My goodness!

And, your answer to #2 cracked me up and I honestly have to agree with you on every one of them. I have a family member (thank goodness it's someone I seldom have to be around) and she dominates every conversation and hardly comes up for air. It drives me to insanity!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love that you experienced a miraculous healing!

Carrie Bullock said...

LOL... I can picture the raised eyebrows! Too cute. :)

edshunnybunny said...

I loved your list of things that make you grouchy :) and I also love your cure! I must try that one sometime soon! There's some crazy stuff on Youtube.

What a wonderful fall memory you have! Thanks for sharing it with us today.

Joyce said...

Your memory-Ha! I can relate : ) I hope things are good in the land of the Chesapeake. I have been scarce in blogland this month, but tis a season. I am hoping to get back into a routine with reading/writing as I do better with routine.

babygatesdown said...

Oh yes - conversation hoggers irk me too. And people who randomly stop or change directions in front of me/generally have no special awareness. I wonder what their world is like and am slightly envious.

As for your son - that made me laugh. And maybe he doesn't say it now, or doesn't have the words, but he will certainly remember you for so many things. I don't have to deal yet with losing a parent (knock on wood) but when I do, I'm not sure I could list everything they've given me/all they've left the world.

Susan Kane said...

Your son is a patient young man. I loved how he spoke to you. Precious.