Saturday, February 22, 2014

Then Sings My Quilter's Soul

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought  a huge bin of fabric from a widower who had the painful task of selling the contents of his late wife's quilting studio.  She'd been sewing for 25 years and had accumulated quite the stash--and excellent taste in quality, I might add.

I assured the man I would use the fabric to make things of beauty and love that would bless people, particularly children. My plan is to make things for my baby niece, and also doll quilts (7 this year, for starters) for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

After paying my $75 for this motherlode of happiness, I came home and immediately sorted it  by color. The line of an old hymn sprang from my voice: "Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee..." I'm sure my grandmother, who used to make dolls and quilts, would sing that while she sewed.

I get such a craving for oranges every time I see this citrus fabric!

Blue with red hearts Fabric-- I made little treat bags for 26 first graders and their wonderful teacher and her co-worker and of course, for my Valentine birthday boy.

 My favorite in the entire lot was this purple and yellow floral one below.  I have already started a purple pinwheel doll quilt from this assortment.

My younger sister loves grey wolves; I think I'll make a pillow for her. Of course I'll turn it rightside up.
  I started another doll quilt from this pink stack, as well as a car seat quilt for my baby niece.

Duckies and butterflies, how cute!

This fabric excites me--so much movement!

Of course the sunflowers always make me think of my Kansas friends and family.

My mind is spinning with project ideas. If only life didn't get in the way of sewing all day!

But at least my soul is singing just thinking about it!


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

What a wonderful selection of fabric! I bet the lady that once owned it would be so thrilled with all the wonderful items you are creating with it. Yes, life does get in the way some times. Happy stitching!

Susan Kane said...

Understand the singing after viewing your marvelous collection. You inspire me to get into my own collection, and sort the mess out!