Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Are U-ey with Me in Hodgepodge Number 180?

Whoa!  This is Edition 180 of the Hodgepodge, hosted by Joyce . Every week, with few breaks, she poses 7 questions and lets us insert a random thought as number 8.   That's a heck of a lot of questions and  a whole lot of randomness, but it's fun to get to know other bloggers this way. 

Check it out and play along. 

1.  Speaking of 180...when was the last time you 'did a 180' on something?

Literally--and when I say literally, I mean it literally, not figuratively, as some are wont to do, but I digress--the last time I 'did a 180' was about two weeks ago when I was saw a disabled vehicle on the side of the road with a young couple in it.   It was  mid-afternoon, 96 degrees , humidity at about 99 percent, and I was not going to assume the couple had cell phones or that anyone else had stopped to help.  I know from experience that an hour and a half can pass--plus 3 cop cars--with a dead cell phone, no gas, a full bladder, and rain coming down--and no one stops. 

The situation was safe for me, so I turned around at the next neighborhood and went back to offer help. They said someone was on the way, but appreciated the offer anyway. 

Figuratively, I changed the course of health I was on right after Easter, started Weight Watchers and have been walking our very hilly neighborhood fairly regularly.  I'm down almost 10 pounds and a dress size. Woot!
My figure-atively is literally shrinking. 

2. It's Independence Week in the US of A! What's your favorite thing about America right this very minute? Favorites only! Let's hear what you love about America.

If you're playing along today, and you're not an American but have been to America, what do/did you like best about this country? If you've never been to America, do you have any desire to visit? What's the number one thing you'd like to see?

Right this very minute?  12:45 a.m. is this very minute, and I'm thinking how --for all the lousy changes in health care lately--we still have incredibly amazing hospitals, doctors, nurses, therapists, and EMTs in this country.  Living as close as I do to Baltimore,  I feel spoiled to have the best hospital in the world--Johns Hopkins--just an hour away. 
We also have the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center when we need it. And, unfortunately, my oldest son did need it once. 

3. Stars or stripes? Red, white, or blue? Watermelon, homemade vanilla ice cream, or blueberry pie?

Stars. Blue. Ice Cream.

4. When did you last see stars, figuratively speaking?

In January, when I was at the gas station. I tripped and hit my head on the metal pump, and my knees and shoulder hit the concrete platform.  I probably had  a concussion but never had it checked out. I could have--I'm five minutes from yet another hospital!

5.  'Clear as a bell', 'with bells on',  'lots of bells and whistles', 'saved by the bell'...which phrase 'rings' truest for you lately?  Have you ever seen The Liberty Bell?

Saved by the bell.  On Sunday we had a guest speaker fill in for our amazing pastor.   The guest speaker's gifts obviously lie elsewhere. Thankfully one of his gifts is his military punctuality, so he ended promptly at 1230 hours. 

Yes,  I've seen the Liberty Bell.  When I was a kid, our fifth grade class went to Philadelphia. 

6. Are you caught up in World Cup fever? Have you watched a lot or a little or none at all?

No, I'm not.  I have watched a tiny bit, but I just have a hard time watching any game that takes forever to score. 
And when a goal is scored, it's only worth one lousy point. I think soccer goals should be worth 20, at least, since they're so take so daggone long to make.

7. Bid farewell to June in 10 words or less.

Goodbye, June. Hello, surgery, chemo, radiation, intense prayer and support.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

My older sister turns 50 this week!!  I'm 13 months behind her.  OY!!!
But still younger!!!!!


Marla said...

So, I may have asked you this before: Where do you live in the Baltimore area? I used to live there. I graduated from Towson U, lived in Timonium, and Cockeysville - used to work for 98 ROCK and WBAL. Met my hubby there & we were married in Timonium. So, Charm City has a very special place in my heart!

Cranberry Morning said...

Sounds like July is going to be a time of needed prayer support, for sure. Good for you for the weight loss. It is always so encouraging to go down a dress size, isn't it!

Joyce said...

Well congratulations on your weight loss and committment to walking in the hilly heat! That's great! Happy July 4th to you!

retired not tired said...

Great job on losing weight! keep up the good work!

Sally Henry said...

Hey you! yes, you, the skinny one! The one who is "figure-atively and literally" shrinking before our eyes! Way to go! (Insert loud obnoxious "Woot Woot!" like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman here!)

"Thankfully one of his gifts is his military punctuality..." - totally cracked up at that! You are too funny. Prayers are coming your way for July... hang in there, dear one...

Sally Henry said...

Oh, and regarding my Meryl Streep experience - she chose a very pretty teal color for her nails, and I recognized her by her laugh! (She had sunglasses on, and I thought "for Pete's sake, who wears sunglasses INSIDE a salon? Who does this lady think she is, a movie star?") and then, I kept looking at her thinking, she looks really familiar, and then she laughed and I was like "OHMYGOSHTHAT"SMERYLSTREEP!!!" but of course I was calm and collected and merely smiled at her! So suave and sophisticated... yeah, right...

Nikki Scatchard said...

Seems like most of us aren't interested in soccer. I actually rather be playing.
Of course you aren't too old for blue polish!

Elizabeth Day said...

This is my first visit here and immediately loved your humor. Now that I know you live in Maryland, I have a question. Since I live in the deep south and will be attending a late August wedding in Germantown, MD, I need some suggestions for what is appropriate that time of year. It will be outside weather permitting. Thanks for any help. Also, so sorry to hear that you have these treatments ahead for you. You will be in my prayers.