Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doll Quilt 4: Posies and Chicks

Clearly, photographing at high noon on a blustery day in November on my front porch 
does not make for the best lighting.   But snow was threatening, the sky was overcast, and I couldn't find decent lighting inside the house either.  In the evening we'd  be packing the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child so this was my last chance. 

This  is fourth doll quilt of 2014 that I made.

  •  What did I name the quilt?  Posies and Chicks
  •  Why? There are flowers on the front and little birdies on the back.  I made sure I wrote "John 3:16" on each  quilt. That verse is the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  •  Who will receive this quilt?  Some little girl in a foreign country. 
  •  What inspired the fabric choices?  A trip to my local quilt shop (cleverly called Hoppin' Bobbin) with a gift card last winter. When there are no flowers and lots of white on the ground, on the trees, on your car, reported on TV, in the sky....(get the picture?), then vivid flowers and sunny warm batiks and accents of blacks will jump out at you. 
  •  Which fabrics were Barbara's? The backing. (If you haven't read previous posts, Barbara was a woman from whose widower I bought a great deal of fabric last January. I promised him I'd use that fabric in charity quilts this year.)

  •  What is the name of pattern? Classic four-patch. 
  •  What did I learn from making it?  That quilting a square within a square is rather simple but not as easy as I thought.   I could have marked a perfect square in each one, but I eyeballed it instead  for a childlike, imperfect look. 
  •  When did I start the quilt and when did I finish it? March 2014.

(Yes, I snipped off loose threads before packing.  I try not to give gifts with strings attached!)


Lea said...

What a happy looking quilt and that is going to make some little girl smile from ear to ear. I love the colors in the fabric.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Preeti Harris said...

I understand your dilemma when it comes to takes pictures these days. It is either dark or too cloudy. The bright colors of the quilt do light up the porch!!!