Sunday, November 23, 2014

Doll Quilt 5: Rough & Tumble

What is a fifth of seven? No, it's  not 1/35.   Not today anyway. 
It's this doll quilt!  This one is the fifth of seven that I made and sent to Operation 
Christmas Child. 

  •  What did I name the quilt?  Rough and Tumble
  •  Why? Because this was my first tumbler quilt and it went just a little bit rough for me. It wouldn't have, except that I am the kind of person who rushes in "where angels fear to tread." I have beginner's knowledge but expert's confidence sometimes. A tumbler quilt is made from a tumbler-shaped template, and then the pieces are to be sewn in rows, not columns! 
  • I was on vacation at the beach house when I made this; maybe I had drunk a tumbler of something before I sat down to my machine? I kept looking at my columns of sewn scraps, thinking, "Now how am I supposed to sew those zig-zagged things together neatly?" My solution? Don't!  Instead I treated them to the applique method. Hey, it worked, and I kind of like the outcome. 
  •  Who will receive this quilt?  Some little girl in a foreign country. 
  •  What inspired the fabric choices?  Bright scraps from my stash. 
  •  Which fabrics were Barbara's? The fruit, the purple floral, the blue mosaic, the girly accessories, the binding, the Eeyore backing. 
 What is the name of pattern? Tumbler (with my "adaptation"). 
  •  What did I learn from making it?  How not to make a true tumbler quilt. 
  •  When did I start the quilt and when did I finish it? August and September, 2014.  

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