Thursday, November 20, 2014

Doll Quilt 3: Happy Critters

This doll quilt, the third of seven I finished in 2014, was the smallest and easiest, mainly because it had been almost completed by Barbara before her death.

All I did was add a scrappy border and I made a pillow to go with it.

  •  What did I name the quilt?  Happy Critters
  •  Why? Just look at those little animals. They're all happy. 
  •  Who will receive this quilt?  Some little girl in a foreign country. 
  •  What inspired the fabric choices?  I just wanted to coordinate my border colors with her whole-cloth quilt fabric. 
  •  Which fabrics were Barbara's? The red front piece and purple backing. 
  •  What is the name of pattern?  It's not a pattern. 
  •  What did I learn from making it?  Two things: (1) Not piecing the top or back sure saves a lot of time!   (2) Making a pieced border isn't as easy as I'd thought. I concentrated on keeping the colors balanced which required measuring and playing with pieces ad nauseum because that's me--someone who can complicate an otherwise simple thing. 
  •  When did I start the quilt and when did I finish it? May 2014.  

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