Monday, November 24, 2014

Doll Quilt 6: Pockets Full of Ice Cream

This doll quilt evolved. I had sewn four large pink-and-white vintage patches together in March and then said, "Now what?"  The quilt sat and sat until, one day, while working with this ice cream fabric, I heard 
it speak to me.  (If you're a quilter, you'll understand that fabric speaks.) 

I appliqued the upper left piece on point (that is, diagonally). The next one, upper right, I thought, "Kids love pockets. Let's make this one a pocket." And then I thought, "One is not enough," and --tada!--three pockets.  

In the world of make-believe, ice cream never melts. You can pull a cone or sundae out of your pocket at any moment and it tastes and looks as good as ever. 

Still in my infancy as far as free motion quilting practice goes, I sewed some squiggles. I also drew triangles and sewed over them .

Of course every bed needs a pillow, and little dollies love ice cream as much as their mommies.  So do folks who sew for them. I was eating a chocolate-dipped ice cream bar right before doing some hand stitching, and I dropped a piece of chocolate right onto a chocolate part of the fabric!   Had to chuckle...

The pillow fits inside the pocket. How cool is that?

For extra fun, I pieced the back because I just love the ice cream. And reversible things.

 I like how it gets all crinkly after washing.  This quilt may be my favorite in the bunch

Which fabrics were Barbara's? All the pink ones and the brown calico.
What did I learn from making this one? That pockets are a lot of fun. That echoing the shapes of the triangles is easy .That I wanted to keep this one for my baby niece, but she is not quite old enough to appreciate dollies. Never fear, little girl, Aunt Zo will make another one--or several--in your lifetime , just for you.

Finished in September, 2014.


Lea said...

Well, think it is my favorite thus far too. Just so cute and the pockets are such a nice touch. The lucky little girl will love them. Such thoughtfulness!

Sally Henry said...

Oh, this is just too precious!!! Love the pinks and the ice cream! You are just too cute.

Carrie Bullock said...

That's darling! Love me some pockets!

Preeti Harris said...

Love love love the pillow pocket. Ice cream is my all time favorite dessert. I will eat it in the coldest of weather. Alas, this sweet confection of a quilt will be too much of a temptation for me. Sugar is not my friend :-(