Monday, May 18, 2015

House A, House B, and Day 1 of Kitchen Remodel Begins

Warning: long post, picture-heavy. Refill your coffee mug or iced tea now. 

Just an update on the house-hunting situation. (Remember this is for a rental property,  so we aren't under pressure to sell, but one of our sons and his wife will be our first tenants and they must be out of their current place on June 30.)

So far we found two real contenders: House A and House B.   (Not to be confused with the Mexican fireman's twin sons, Jose' and Hose B.)

For my own reference (because it will be good for me to look back on this time of new adventure someday and remember the details that God orchestrated), here is a timeline thus far:

April 18:  Decided House A is the one to pursue. Get excited.   But don't want to rush in to this too quickly.

April 22: Find out House A is under contract. We're disappointed but okay with the news.  I sensed God saying to me,  "Don't worry. This one will come back to you."

Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's God speaking or your own optimism.  Sometimes in my life, His voice has been unmistakable and practically audible. This was not one of those times, but there was a peaceful, hopeful sense that I got that something would fall through with the other buyer's contract. (That sounds bad on paper, but I truly meant them no ill will.)  Things happen. "This isn't our first merry-go-round," said a sweet daughter who sometimes gets her cliches humorously mixed up.

May 6th: Put in contract on House B after falling in love with it and being told there's no other interest in it.  (Ironically, House B really was listed by a guy named Jose'.  I'm totally serious.  I'm not pulling your nose. )

May 7th:  Find out there are multiple offers on it. Whaaaat? We thought you said there'd been no other interest.  Were you pulling my arm? My leg? Something?

May 8th:  Put in counter-offer .  Sit back, pray .Pray hard all weekend .

May 11, 12 Wait, wait.

May 13--Receive cabinets. Boy, oh, boy, I thought it was going to be my undoing administratively, but the delivery guys (two young brothers, strong as oxen) made it easy. Each box number matches a line number on the Packing List. Great labeling. Getting the pantry and lazy Susan through the front door reminded me of working a 2-ton Rubik's cube. But they did it.

I have the proof all over three rooms of my house:
                                              I had to open one to make sure they had the right 
                                                                                style and color. Yup!



May 14:  9:15 AM.  I go to the lake to pray and worship and listen to God. Ask Him to give an answer today, and I choose to be content with a "no" even though I want a "yes" on House B  listed by Jose'.  Come home and start dejunking the cabinet that will get removed first in our remodel. Work while you wait. Whistle while you work.

 May 14, 10:43 AM   Answer  comes about  House B: our contract was rejected.   I am disappointed yet thankful for an answer.

May 14:  11:30AM  Find out House A is back on the market! Same day, same hour? Yes!  Something made the buyer's contract fall through. I am so tickled (for us).   I would say hubby is tickled, too, but that doesn't sound very manly.

May 15:  2:00 PM  See House A again .   At 4:30, submit our offer.  Then more waiting, more praying.

May 16:    7:00 PM  Son and I go to school music  and art show (son is not performing and there is so very little artwork because of all the snow days in the first semester ) so no need for hubby to attend)
I did snap a couple photos of my favorite artwork by second graders.  People, these Dr. Seuss drawings were done with Sharpies by second graders!

While we were at the show,  my Hottie Handyman, aka Hardworking Hubby,  took out the first two cabinets!

It's not pretty, but can I say, this start has made me one happy girl! 
I've been dreaming of a kitchen remodel for 16 years and it's finally happening. 

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Michelle said...

Those drawings are really good. Hats of to those little guy/gals! Thanks for letting me come on over and take a peek.