Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kitchen Remodeling Progress at 3-Week Mark

We started remodeling our kitchen two weeks ago. At the time I posted, we had only taken out one upper and one base cabinet.  (Note the use of the term "we" which I use liberally. I mean it a couple of ways:

1.  "We" are the doing the work ourselves.
2.  "We" always means hubby, and sometimes includes a couple of our sons and me. My main job is to keep 911 on speed dial supervise, sweep up, steady a chair that my long-legged honey uses occasionally, be the go-fer to Home Depot or Lowe's,  and take pictures. If I didn't take pictures, no one would.

Day 1: Saturday, May 9  First set of cabinets are removed. Pictures are here.
Day 2: Saturday, May 16 First set of cabinets are installed.  It took two sons' help to get the upper cabinets and pantry secured.

Some people have asked about the cabinets themselves.

Brand: Thomasville
Wood:  Maple
Color: Fox
Style: Plaza Square
From: Home Depot

Our older son came over for four hours to lend a helping hand. Here you see him patiently holding the cabinet up. (You don't see the wall brace but it's there.) Youngest son decided to get goofy when I told him to put his hand up there to help, too.)

The pantry goes in. So far it's my favorite thing!   (I hate the ceiling that was here when we bought the house in '99.  We are not going to redo it. I don't know who in the 1980s thought that was a good look.)

Anyway, I just love the maple wood pantry and the man putting it in for me.

Ta-da! The walls cabinets and one base cabinet are in. The lighting isn't so good, and the missing drawer is on backorder, but hallelujah, it's a good start.

Day 3: Saturday, May 23 and Monday, May 25  (We don't work on Sundays; it's our day of rest.)

Second wall of upper cabinets goes up.  This time, when I say "we" did the work, I mean I helped hold the cabinets up with Youngest while my hottie handyman secured them in place.

Third  and final wall of cabinets goes up very easily.

Seeing this picture makes me remember the time when I was about 12 and my younger sister was about 10. She was supposed to be cleaning her room, but an hour into it, it looked worse than when
she started.  Mama asked, "Honey, are you making progress? All I see is a mess. "  To which my sister replied. "Yep! Progress always makes a mess."


Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Oh,they are lovely and I know you are thrilled. Ceiling textures have varied so much over my lifetime but so glad that just the smooth painted ceiling is the popular look now. And, so many are not even white any more, ours are not white in our new house. Enjoy your new kitchen and I'll be watching for a final completion picture.

Michelle said...

They are beautiful cabinets. It seems like an neverending project. Your lucky your hubby is so talented and can do it all himself. Soon, you will be loving it all completed.