Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Simple Yet Complicated Hodgepodge

On first glance, this week's questions look easy, but they took me a little time to think about. 

Thanks, Joyce, for not letting my thinker get too dull between Hump Days.

1.  Did you make someone laugh yesterday? Was it intentional?

I did make someone laugh yesterday--my friend Sally  (hi, Sally!)--and it was in an email. (Judging from her "hahahaha" I'm thinking she laughed for real.)  I was telling her how our kitchen remodel has started but that chaos was reigning. I said something about looking for my keys between a circular saw and a box of Cheez-its. 

It was intentional in that I have to keep my sense of humor in the midst of the remodel or my mind will go AWOL. 

2. What's a simple question with a complicated answer?  

"What's for dinner?"  Sometimes thinking about it is just way too complicated.  What meat? What side? What veggie? What time is it? Oh, it's 5:25  already? What's Domino's number? Do I feel like putting on my shoes to go pick up the pizza,  or do I want to pay the tip to have it delivered? How lazy/tired/unprepared/out of sorts/fill-in-the-blank  am I right now that I haven't thought about dinner till this second and honestly I would just be okay with oatmeal, wouldn't you, honey? Oh, you were thinking meatloaf and mashed potatoes? Hmm, well, that poses a bit of a problem, namely that I have neither meat nor potatoes, just the loaf pan.  I know it's a simple meal, but simple is the new complicated.   

3. Rhododendrons or azaleas...you have to choose. Are either currently blooming in your yard?

Rhodos.    Here is one of two that are blooming in my yard. This one reminds me of my oldest son's engagement day on May 21, four years ago. After he proposed at a quiet spot next to a nearby river, they came back to the house and her twin sister took pictures of her dazzling diamond ring on a petal of this rhododendron in front of the house. 

4. May 21st is National Waitstaff Day. Have you ever worked as a waiter/waitress? How would you rate the experience? What was the best/worst part of the job?

Yes. My first real job was waiting tables at Woolworth's. I also waited tables in restaurants and hotels during college.  I gained invaluable experience learning how to deal with a finicky, demanding public, how to economize your steps ,how to make some pretty garnishes, how to serve wedding banquets, how to suck up to bosses, how to deal with false accusations, how deceitful people can be, how to serve a big family and keep the littles happy which keeps the bigs happy, and so on. Best part of the job? Generous tips.  Worst part? Bustin' my can for picky guests who then leave a quarter for a tip. Or a table of four ladies who EACH leave a quarter. 

5. What fashion trend for women should be outlawed? How about one for men?

For women: leggings as pants.  I don't care if you are wearing a long tunic over them, they are big girl tights, not pants. If you over the age of six, it's time for pants, honey. 

For men--I really despise big bushy beards.  They just look nasty. And I just heard there was a study done on the bacteria in men's beards. Guess what is found more often than any other contaminant? Fecal matter! 

Now, how do I segue into the next question?

6. Name a writer who inspires you....now tell us why.

My dad. Because he is genuine, thoughtful, funny, eloquent--and has never had a beard!

7. What well known quote or saying sums up your plans for today or this week?

The devil is in the details. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We got some good news and bad news this week.  The good news is, we bought a house! The bank accepted our offer and agreed to our settlement date. 

The bad news is, my mom found out from a CT scan that two-thirds of her liver is dead, and she also has an inoperable hernia at this time.  The good news is, there is medication to help reduce the fluid build-up in her abdomen caused by liver damage, and the other good news is that the doctor confirmed what I advised them on Sunday: do not go through with your move. It's too stressful. I'd appreciate your prayers for my sweet mama  and my daddy. 


Rebecca Jo said...

What's for dinner... amen sister!!!

Michelle said...

I can relate to so many of your answers. The dinner question. for sure. I always say to my husband, "why can't we be like our dogs and eat the same thing everyday." No decision making, shopping, preparing to do! Right? Boring, yes, but man the extra time we would have. I did a kitchen redo last summer and then broke my foot in the middle of it. Was on crutches, boots, the works. It was one of the most stressful times I've ever had. Now, I'm sitting in it writing to you and it is a distant memory. Like you, I waited over 10 years to get it. I dies with me now!

Theresa said...

Eew, eew, eew about the bushy beard! I can't believe that chefs are allowed to have bushy beards too. That grosses me out!
I think the questions this week made my brain work a little harder than usual. I had more to say but can't seem to get beyond your answer about beards- LOL!

Joyce said...

Sometimes I'll start talking about what in the world I'm going to make for dinner later that day, and hubs will say he doesn't want to think about dinner before noon. I tell him somebody has to : ) Sorry to hear about your mom...I will add her to my prayers today.

D&S said...

You DO make me laugh! And oh, how I have needed those chuckles lately! So glad we are friends and can lift each other up! I am continuing to pray for your mom... but am so glad the prognosis is not as bad as they were fearing at first... will pray that the medicine works well to reduce the fluid build up, and that they are eventually able to operate. Love ya, Zo!

incognitusscriptor.com said...

The dinner question can get very complicated. My husband never gives me a straightforward answer and I end up just guessing.

Marla said...

Life always seems to bring good and bad together - or at least it seems that way. So sorry about your mother, and I pray for her. Congrats on a new house! Seems you & Joyce both will be "having fun" with moving soon!

Wendy Jakob said...

Great answers. Yes dinner can get very complicated. Sorry to hear about your Mum. I hope they can keep her pain free.

Life SPW said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. I will most certainly lift her up in prayer.
Congratulations on the house purchase. All the best as you move into your new home.

A Joyful Chaos said...

Lovely rhododendrons.

Lea said...

I feel pretty sure that you make folks laugh everyday of your life. I always enjoy a chuckle when I stop by your blog.

I'm so sorry about your Mom's health and so glad that they are going to "stay put" for now.

Have a great weekend!