Friday, April 08, 2016

Glued His Chest Back Together

Yep, my post for "G" in regard to the theme of my hubby's heart surgery is GLUE.

Pardon my first world ignorance, but I had no idea that surgery and glue could be used in the same sentence. I mean, when a doctor practices his craft, I'm not picturing Elmer's  in his hands.

Neither of us thought to ask how Paul would be sewn up on the OUTSIDE when it was all over. I assumed stitches, and was okay with that. But as we found out after the fact, the aorta was sewn up with stitches, the sternum was put back together with wire, and the skin on his chest was glued shut.

I joked, "Honey, if you come unglued, I'll come unglued, too!"

Turns out the glue is a medical grade Super-glue type stuff. That's as technical as I can be without googling and linking and all that.

I've never seen a better looking scar, either. Clean and straight.  And nothing to be removed or to have fall out!

What will they think of next?

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Lea said...

I knew that they use glue and it does seem very strange. How can glue hold a wet incision together. Oh, the joys of modern medicine!