Friday, August 29, 2008

Get Your Laughs. On Me.

The sun has started getting to me. How else would you explain the following incidents?

1. I went out with Renee' to get a smoothie after our massages. We walk into Dunkin Donuts and I'm adjusting my skirt which is just an easy-breezy summer pull-on number. It is not, however, reversible. I wish it were because when I felt the inside of the seams on the outside, I screamed and darted to the ladies' room. The funniest part was that she was unfazed.

2. Joel and I were watching Stephen and Paul play tennis. Joel took the role of ballboy. I took the role of single spectator on the park bench. Park bench was plastic, lightweight, and not bolted to the ground. A ball rolls close to me, just out of arm's reach. I am on one end of the bench. I lean to the left. Lean a little farther. Lean....tip...tip the bench up....fall off...hear bench land with a bang...lay there laughing...and seeing the guys laugh at me. Love/nothing.

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Anonymous said...

I looooove a gal who can laugh at herself. Men seem to do it easily with each other. girls not so much. So thanks for sharing, and really - thanks for the humility that helps you not take yourself too seriously. I did laugh :) .