Monday, August 11, 2008

How's this for a Field Trip Idea?

President McKinley will be the first one that my fifth and sixth graders will discuss in our US history (2oth c.) studies, if ever so briefly, when the school year opens.

Being the kind of teacher who loves re-enactments, role-playing, and field trips (with a chaperone:student ratio of one:one), I will pitch a plan to our school principal.

"Mrs. Gordon, did you know that President McKinley was from Ohio? Would it be all right if
we started the year with a field trip to his hometown, or roughly thereabouts? I mean, I've heard there are people we can stay with. Furthermore, I do believe one hospitable couple has a claim to fame as a descendant of President Wilson. Oh, and I'm sure I can find chaperones."

What say ye in the matter of Field Trip vs. Sanity?


Karen said...

hmmm.. in that case i think i will be signing tommy up for just the one class at chesapeake so that we can join you on that brilliant fieldtrip!


Jessi said...

I say - that's CRAZY!! (In my ever-so-humble opinion!!) ;o)

Then again, I've also never been one for ANY kind of event that involved me keeping several children together and under control (especially w/out their parents - and overnight no less??). So therefore, my opinion should probably be discounted...

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone knows I'm totally kidding. I just happen to think of
Laurie and Jason, and now the Wilsons, whenever I see the word "Ohio." Believe me, Jessi, I AM crazy but not a martyr. Even a trip to the local park with one kid not my own makes me nervous. Field trips aren't quite enjoyable when I know I'm in charge of corraling kids and keeping them half interested, alive, and together outside the classroom!

Anonymous said...

You do have peeps here in Ohio, Zo. :)

Karen said...

i knew you were kidding, hence my tongue in cheek comment! love you!!

from one of your peeps here in Birdland!!