Monday, August 11, 2008

Got a Big Hat for Mary?

So I'm gung-ho into planning my lessons for school. So many things I want to teach, so little time.

I was trying tonight to pull together a little art history to go along with art concepts and techniques. I found this wonderful idea:

Mary Cassatt was a 20th century American Impressionist painter who painted lots of mothers and children. Girls in dresses who flop unladylike in chairs at home after church--that's tellin' it like it is with a brush, huh? She spent most of her adult life in France.

This link, if you didn't click on, describes how the teacher plays dress-up and comes to class as Mary herself. Can you just see me waltzing into the classroom in a big hat and grey clothing, saying, "Bonjour, mes amis!"? I'm having a little too much fun thinking about it.

If you happen to have a big ole fancy hat to lend me for the occasion, let me know. I hope I can work this fun idea in somehow. Trouble is, we only get an hour a week for art. Ack! Limit our art time? But why?


Karen said...

you are too much!! i love love love that idea. unfortunately the link doesn't work. pooh bear


Anonymous said...

Hmph, you're right. It doesn't work. It was working last night when I published it. Oh well. You get the idea.