Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Tour of Homes

Hi, there! Welcome to our home.
Six of us live here, six plus a dog, that is.
We couldn't find the sixth stocking we
bought last year, though. I'm mystified
as to what happened to it. If you've seen
it, please let me know. It beats getting
your loot in a Walmart bag.

Joel just set his latest Lego Star Wars
creation down for a minute so I could get a
picture of it. I love this stage where his little
hands are always busy building and creating.
I will miss the toys.

'Twas a white Christmas this year. Here's
Molly during our recent blizzard. Love
her soulful eyes and patient spirit.

Pardon me while I answer the door.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I'd really rather not go ice
skating today. Or any day. I haven't skated since I was a teenager at the Dublin Dell. I'm old now, as old and rusty as this sled the skates are hanging on. But thanks for inviting me. How about if you
come on in for a cup of coffee instead? No one will get hurt that way. "

If you've sent us a card, it hangs here on the
back of the front door. Thank you for taking
time to send us your Christmas hello.

A photo of my parents, 1961.
I'm so grateful they are both
still in my life, happy and as close
as teeth and gums to each other.

More wedded bliss on display
in the dining room:
Paul's parents,
and us.

I moved the greenery right
after the photo shoot. One of those
branches had caught fire. Un petit
feu, but still! It only takes a spark...

My favorite nativity scene atop the kitchen
When I look at the tapestry from Russia, I remember fondly the year Sarah and I went there, and remember to pray for Sacha who is there now for a year, and for our Messianic friends in Birobidzhan.

A basket of silk poinsettias that came from
my sister Jill's wedding. She got married six
years ago, just after Thanksgiving because she
loved being in my Christmas wedding as my
flower girl.

The muff on the piano was what my older sister, Rachel (my maid of honor) carried in my wedding. Joel did this display. Not bad for a
7-year-old, eh?

I usually do a homespun look on my tree, with all the
old ornaments and colored lights, but this year I wanted to go with more of a glamorous one. Copper and gold and lots of baby's breath with white lights. It soothes me every time I look at it.

Candle cluster above the TV.

ettes of snow-
that Joel crafted.
Love second grade
art, don't you?

The Singing Redhead made by my
friends Diane and Sue many years
ago. Seeing this little wooden doll
reminds me of God's faithfulness
in healing Diane from cancer.

Is it sacrilegious to put a nativity
scene in a bathroom? If so, I'm
sorry, but since we visit this room
so often, it's a good place to be
meditating on the Lord, right?
The wooden creche was made
by my friend Barb's brother-in-law.
I put straw on a tray with
pinecones around it.

Can't have too many candles.

That's my motto.

Well, that's our little tour. Thanks for
stopping by our home, if only in pictures.
Do make plans to come by in person.
The driveway has been shoveled for you and
we have plenty of hot chocolate.

I hope you've had a blessed Christmas Day
and will have a peaceful new year.


Anonymous said...

Loved your home and your tour! Your home seems so full of warmth and love! It's also quite beautiful also!!! oh yea, this is Brenda by the way!!

Zoanna said...

Hi, Brenda! And thanks! You stopped by and signed in. I'm so honored. I have loved getting back in touch with you via Facebook. I hope to make it back to Kansas in 2010. Barb and I try to see each other every other year and it's my turn. I hope you and I can meet up too!

Karen said...

thank you for letting us into your home to see your beautiful heart and decorations. I love you! :) I am in faith that you had a good Christmas. Be warned that I will be calling so we can have a cuppa joe or tea soon!! :) miss you

Danielle said...

Like the dog added to the mix! And I love how you have the hymnals mounted on the wall! Very cool!

Laurie said...

Thank you for the hospitality!
I'd rather stop by for some coffee in person, but this visit has been enjoyable! I love all your decorating touches (and Joel's too!) Molly looks like a great companion and so cute dusted with snow! I love ALL your photos! The first, last and one of Molly are prize-winners! Blessings as you bask in His love, provision, mercy and grace!