Monday, December 14, 2009

Peek into Others' Nests this Christmas

Looking for inspiration or just love to be invited into others' homes, especially at Christmas? Then check out The Nester. Her philosophy is just dandy: "It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to Be Beautiful." A lot of bloggers have joined the Christmas Tour of Homes already, and I love it. Click away and enjoy the scenery.

I've decked my home but haven't uploaded the pics yet. I hope to get to it between picking up Joel from school and keeping a hair appointment. (I'm so nervous about the appointment because my friend Ruth, who usually cuts it in her kitchen, was working too much last week at the ER (woman of many talents) and can only cut it this week on her day off, which is my fullest day, so I said no. (Besides, she lives in the next county and when we get together, it's a girl fest with coffee and chit chat. ) Can't wait another week: I already look like a Papillon when I put my hair up in clips in the morning without brushing it. Anything to keep it out of my eyes. I've already done the Llasa ApZo look. I'm thinking of submitting a head shot to the American Kennel Club and see if they can ID me. Maybe a subcutaneous chip in my thigh would bring me home in case the GPS fails?

Anyway, this post was about the Christmas Tour of Homes, but I can hardly see the screen for the mane. Time to turn my hairdon't into a hairdo.

If you've decked your halls, or house, or whatever, please let us know. I'm a nosy neighbor.


krista said...

I get giggles out of your posts everytime.

The decking of my halls is a bit pitiful this year I'm afraid. I will post a pic of our tree soon's good for a few laughs.

Laurie said...

From Llasa ApZo to Pappilon! I've been there! Wait! I AM there! I'm going to stay there though, because I'm too afraid of what a bad (another bad) cut could do to my already fragile, whiney, whimpery, snifflely hu"mane"ness.
I'm going to click over to "Nesters" to see lovely decor AND remind myself for contentedness sake:
"I love my house.
I love my nest.
In all the world
This nest is best!"
(from THE BEST NEST by P.D. Eastman)
Blessings on your head/hair!