Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Not sure if my inconsistent nature will prove me successful at keeping up with this excellent discipline, but I would like to post today a "Thankful Thursday" list. The
thing I am resolved to do in 2010 is to be more thankful. I normally find myself complaining too much-- inwardly, outwardly, upwardly. Expressing gratitude is a sure antidote for grumbling. Let me try this in couplets today.

Though the weather outside is frightful,
There's no weather inside--delightful!

For pastors who preach with boldness and love
For fellow believers, both here and Above.

For a friend named Bonnie who is using her gifts
Of mercy and admin to give Burmese some lifts.

For jobs all around for my immediate kin
I'm thankful for money that comes steadily in.

For acoustic guitars on which Paul strums
For snare drums on which Steve puh-rumpa-pum-pums.

For snuggling with a soft-skinned little boy,
For the giggles he giggles to let out his joy.

For hazelnut creamer in my favorite ceramic mug,
And paintings by art students of The Grouchy Ladybug.

For bloggers who invite me virtually into their homes
For others who post quotes from uplifting tomes.

For laughter and tears (but more of the former),
For gloves, hats, and heating blankets to make me warmer.

For protecting my pastor's wife during her heart attack,
What relief to know that we get Daryl back!

For forgiveness asked and forgiveness granted,
For adjustments by others when my views are ill-slanted.

For a home that is safe and secure fore and aft,
For Ben's jokes about cycling and recycling, how I laughed!

For plenty to be thankful for, in verse or in prose,
I submit that it's difficult to know when to close.

But that's not a complaint, it's a good problem to have!
A plethora of blessings about which to rave.

No matter how many things I can list
The Lord nods and smiles, "You get the gist!

That you can't outgive Me, I'm Infinite, right?
But I'm blessed when you thank Me by day and by night."




Laurie said...

Thoroughly thankful for these thought provoking and thankfulness priming and prompting couplets!
God is good! Cute cute photo!

Amy said...

I love it! so fun! your creativity never ceases to amaze me.