Wednesday, May 04, 2011

May Bouquet of Questions: Wednesday Hodgepodge

Another colorful array of questions from Joyce. Feel free to borrow this as a prompt on your blog today. It's fun!

1. Have you ever been served breakfast in bed? Do you enjoy that? If someone were serving you breakfast in bed this coming weekend what would you hope to see on the tray?

No, I do not like to be served breakfast in bed. It says "sickness" to me. When I gave birth to my youngest, I had no choice. I could not put pressure on my pelvis to walk or even to stand more than to go to the bathroom. That last for many weeks. I had to take every meal in bed except dinner, when I forced myself to sit up and join the family. They pulled the kitchen table up to my rented hospital bed, and I ate with them, enjoying the pleasure of seeing all their faces at once, and appreciating the meals that our church family brought daily for five weeks.
But if someone wants to make me breakfast and serve it at the table this weekend, I would love a Belgian waffle with warm maple syrup, an over-medium egg, a spicy sausage patty, some hash browns, coffee, and orange juice.
I don't even like room service because I have to "get out" for meals or go nuts in a hotel room.

2. What is one piece of advice you would give a new mother?

If you're not enjoying motherhood, tell someone you trust. Don't fake it or hide it. Postpartum depression is real, it's ugly, and it's more common than you think. Ask for help. Give yourself sanity breaks while others listen to a crying baby with healthy nerves. Pay for someone to come for 90 minutes while you get out of the house to shop or meet a friend for coffee. You're not a bad mother just because you don't love being with your baby 24/7 ! And if you DO love motherhood, thank God, but follow the above advice anyway. And be sensitive to moms who aren't all ga-ga smitten like you are with their new, noisy, helpless, demanding infant.

3. When was the last time you wanted to scream? Explain.

For the past week, I have had an abscessed tooth. Sunday night I was ready to hit the ER, but held out for Monday's appointment. I am seeing the oral surgeon today (Weds) at 10 a.m. Since I'm writing this post on Tuesday night, I am picturing that I'll feel like screaming when the pain meds wear off tomorrow afternoon.

4. Can you hula hoop?

I can for a little while, maybe 3 spins. Does that count? But it's not pretty and I will not demonstrate. Have I mentioned that I have a phobia of YouTube, namely my fat, jiggly rear-end showing up on it?

5. What is something people do in traffic that really bothers you?

Ride motorcycles recklessly. Or pedestrians walking at night wearing dark clothes. Both scare the crud outta me.

6. What do you do when people don't admit they're wrong?

Depends on the severity. If it's minor, I chide them. "Admit it. You know you're wrong. Be a man and just say so." If it's serious, I get angry. "Why can't you just see how wrong you are? I can see it, other people can see it, and I think you can see it, too! You're just not man enough (or woman enough, which seldom happens because women around here are usually right) to admit it! Or to go one step farther and admit that I am right!"

7. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word 'fun'?

Roller coasters. Which is ironic because I won't get on one any more. I used to have fun on them.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I'm thankful for good dental care when I was growing up. My parents took us to the dentist as often as they could afford to, or maybe went into debt for some visits, I don't know. When I was on my own, I didn't get to the dentist, but nothing bad happened, and then when I married Paul, he had good dental insurance and we went faithfully for cleanings every six months, and then took the children as they got to be three years old in need of a dentist. It's been a positive experience for all of us. The only problems I have are related to cracking a tooth in 2007, and the past four years on and off when I've missed appointments. Now the tooth that had the root canal cannot be saved; hence the oral surgeon appointment.


Maribeth said...

Here's hoping that tooth problem is gone for good after seeing the oral surgeon.

Joyce said...

I hope your tooth is all taken care of and you're pain free!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a good reason not to want breakfast in bed! I hate that motorcycles can go between lanes. Roller Coasters is a great answer.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh dental abcesses are NOT fun! I hope you get relief from your pain soon. And I like your advice to new mothers. I wish someone had told me that when I'd had my son!

Hope you feel better today :)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Unfortunately the first dentist I ever saw (when I was just a little girl) eventually lost his license for his cruelty to children. That pretty much set the tone for me as far as the dentist goes. I avoid the dentist like the plague and sadly, neglected my children's dental care because of my phobia.

Laurie said...

Is there a "special" name for "YouTube Phobia"?
I hadn't thought about this, but now I have a new fear! Oh boy! I'll just say '"no thanks" to swirling the hula hoop... yet it is a riot to try!
In my experience I knew I was a real grown-up when roller coasters lost their thrill for me!
I would love that breakfast in bed (or out) just as you ordered it! A great fry cook makes an awesome over-medium egg!
I could be wrong ;), but there is nothing like a sweet, darling SCREAMING infant to help us question our motherly affections... and sanity!
I hope your mouth is feeling much better by now!