Friday, May 06, 2011

Motherhood Should Come With...

Five Minute Friday, where you write as fast as you can, withoout editing , proofreading or anything. Today's title is the topic. Here goes:

Motherhood should come with a whole lot of freebies from professionals. In no particular order, the ones I'd "register" for are maid, laundress, cook for the first 5 years, massage therapists on call 24/7 . Motherhood would come with other freebies too. A lunch packer who could read my mind before waking me up to ask if I feel like packing lunches that day. most days she would leave me sleeping . Motherhood would also come with a shock absorber. I have been shocked witless too many times. Motherhood would come with a few more hands and many fewer pounds. I wish I had been given a manual on motherhood written by all the great mothers in one volume I didnt' get much out of BabyWise, written by two men who had never been mothers but were somehow experts on how to be a good mom. Things like "save energy for your husband." Well, if I had any left I would. Motherhood would come with daily reassurances that you're doing a pretty good job if you are, and not all this motherguilt. Sometimes you're doing a lousy job but most of the time we're doing the best we can.

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Zoanna said...

Couldn't get the link to "take." Try this.

karen said...

Freebies! I didn't even think of practical motherhood freebies. So, so, so true. :)