Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wedding Rehearsal

Bridesmaids showed up early to decorate the sanctuary. About 150 chairs had to be covered in pink satin covers, and then ironed. What a job, and oh how great the result looked. Dee's dream wedding has always been "princess, pink, and bling," and the decor and her gown (which, yes, I will show eventually!) definitely measured up.

Kudoes to the wedding coordinator and the bride's entourage; this was the quickest wedding rehearsal I've ever experienced. It started on time at 4:00 and ended at 5:15, with almost no snafus.

These are my walking-down-the-aisle and Mother-Son's First Dance shoes.
I photographed them on my roof through my bedroom window at home. Beauty and comfort did not marry in this pair, that's for sure. I wanted to ditch them at the altar. Cold feet? No. Sore feet? Yes!

These two middle-agers, however, have been united in the beauty and comfort of marriage for over 25 years. The pearl ring I'm wearing is the one Paul gave me for my first Mother's Day. My baby is now someone's husband. Sniff, sniff. Love, love.


Laurie said...

"Love, love, hooray for love
Who was ever too blase for love!"

Praise the Lord!

Oh! I'm so glad those shoes didn't fall off the roof! They are beautiful, but I pray for soothed feet!

Love, sweet love!

Briana Almengor said...

Zo, I love your shoes. So fabulous.

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

So enjoyed this part and can't wait to hear more. Love happens and not a thing we can do about it except rejoice when we feel they have found the "right" life partner. Blessings!