Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Make a Gumball Machine

Our second son, Steve, is rather smitten with this treasure of a girl, and has been for over a year. They adore each other. They don't use the "l" word yet, but everyone (including them) knows they l-o-v-e each other.

He is always on the lookout for creative
ways to express his adoration. Sometimes he asks me or his sister for ideas, because his dad and brother aren't exactly the go-to guys for help in the romance department.

Our daughter saw a super cute "gumball machine" on Pinterest back in early February. She told her brother about it, and convinced him that he could make one for his girlfriend.

Arts and crafts projects take him quite a few zones out of his natural element, but that's what makes him all the more attractive to her. He tries to please her in ways that aren't necessarily easy for him.

He created this gumball machine for Valentine's Day. It could easily be adapted to be a gift for Easter,
birthday, or Christmas, or graduation, or just about any occasion, or "just because."

Materials Needed:
- a small clay pot with base
- your choice of acrylic paint colors (small tubes)
- medium paintbrush for painting the pot
- a skinny brush for writing a message (optional)
- a round vase with a "neck" like in this picture (available at the dollar store)
- a drawer pull or some sort of knob (monogrammed ones are extra special)
- ribbon to dress it up a bit
- hot glue gun with one stick of glue in it

Steps (after wiping dust off flowerpot with damp cloth)

1. Paint a clay flowerpot and its base with red acrylic paint. *The base becomes the lid.
2. Let it dry, and apply a second coat.
3. Let that dry and then turn the pot upsidedown. Paint a message.

4. Apply hot glue to the "top" and press the glass bowl securely on it.

5. Add gumballs or chocolates (such as these Lindor truffles) or whatever candies your recipient would enjoy eating.
6. Hot glue a ribbon around the rim of the clay pot. (This ribbon says "Happy Valentine's Day.)
7. Hot glue the knob on top of the lid.
8. Let it all dry thoroughly before wrapping it as a gift.

9. Watch the smiles appear before your very eyes when your special someone sees what a sweet
thing you made.


Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Well, that is just too cute and so original. I think you can find most anything on Pinterest, love it! Happy rest of the week!

Laurie said...

How sweet and creative is that!
The last photo is lovely!