Thursday, March 29, 2012

Delphic Sibyl

A few weeks ago I taught a bit about Renaissance art. Michelangelo's painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was a main focus since we had to move along at quite a clip to keep up with their fast-paced history studies. Among the many figures the artist painted were several Delphic sibyls (Greek prophetesses). The students were to draw this particular one, and I modeled it.

Now, folks, please know, I am not a trained artist and have never had an art lesson per se, so this drawing leaves MUCH to be desired. I do not claim to have talent, only desire and determination to become better. I would really appreciate critiques from those of you who are much farther along the road in drawing. Please give me some pointers for improvements.

I am embarrassed about her lips. Try as I may, I couldn't erase that extra shading in the middle, so it looks like she has a duet of cold sores. Poor gal. I also know that several other things are not quite right, such as her eyes, nose, cheeks, and arms. Goodness, it looks like she swallowed canteloupes that got stuck in her biceps.

Please, fellow artists, help me out. If Michelangelo were ever to get a look-see at this, I'm sure he'd roll over in his sarcophagus.


Laurie said...

You're way too critical of your art!
This is good! I'm no artist, so I cannot give advice, but if Michelangelo could get a look-see, he'd surely be complimented by the imitation! Keep drawing! What a gift!

April said...

I don't know a thing about art myself, but I sure think you did a fantastic job!

Susan Kane said...

Faces are tricky, no doubt about it. You did a fine job, I would say.

Rachel Anne said...

I've been away from the computer all weekend and am finally stopping by. I think you did a waaay better job than I could do - I am no pencil artist!! I find that painting gives me more freedom because I can paint things out that I don't like. You've got a great resemblance to the original and I'm very impressed. "No artist" - ha! Not being a "people" artist, I'm not in any position to critique. But I think with a couple of adjustments to shapes/proportions you'd be right on the money. Teeny tiny things make a big lining up the bow of the mouth under the nose. This is why I like folk's OK for me to be "off" a's called charm :)

I know that painting/drawing can be learned - it is a skill that can be improved upon. If I didn't believe that I would never have the courage to pick up a paint brush. You should definitely keep going, Zoanna! Your sibyl has beauty and serenity and you definitely have talent!