Monday, March 05, 2012


Five days till the wedding.
Four till we leave for the rehearsal and dinner.
Three till tuxes are picked up.
Two till a viewing for my dear friend's mother who passed away yesterday from lung cancer.
She was just diagnosed in December.

One. One is today, Monday. Today I have the joy of reminding my hubby to please take the big
suitcase to our son for his honeymoon. And don't forget the big box of wedding gifts that my sister sent. She manages a kitchen store in Texas, so I can only imagine what great wares are in there. I wish she could have shipped herself and family here for the big day, but she can't get away after coming here in October for my folks' anniversary party. Ditto for my other sister in Arizona. Only Jill and her hubby who live locally can attend from my side of the family (and my parents, who are over-the-top excited. I am so grateful they're both alive to witness this beautiful occasion in their first grandchild's life. My mom called today and asked what the wedding colors are because she was out shopping for a dress. I could hear the excitement in her voice.)

Today I am still on the hunt for shoes to wear with the new dress I bought for the RD. (Rehearsal dinner.) I have plenty of shoes, but most I wear with slacks and they aren't dressy enough.

Today I have a make-up consultation. I love being pampered; I just wish I didn't have to drive a half hour and deal with the parking garage at Nor-str-m for this little beauty treatment.

My hairdresser, bless her heart! I love her. I called to say I just needed a trim because it wasn't quite right after my visit last week and I couldn't figure out why. Well, she spent a half hour with me, not just a quick trim in the back, and charged nothing at all. She even said she really enjoyed getting my note in the mail. (I had forgotten cash to tip her last time, so I mailed it and she loved the surprise of finding it in her box. Amazing what little pieces of snail mail do to one's spirits!) I walked out this time feeling peppy and pretty. Oh, if only she could style my hair every day!

My husband and I had a wine-tasting date Saturday night in preparation for the big event this coming weekend. That was fun. We now know what we're going to buy in bulk.

Can I tell you that as the mother of the groom who lives two hours from "headquarters," that I feel quite "out of the loop"? I am assured by other moms like me, however, that they felt the same way. Just yesterday, for instance, I found out the menu is no longer brunchy food, but southern food. No biggie (I love, love, love southern food) but the change affects our choices of beverages we're buying, and so it's good I asked, right?

My sweet Daughter-in-Love to be and her mom have endured many "surprises" in planning this wedding. Every major decision has had to be changed, things out of their control. It's to be expected, but their list seems unusally long. Among the ones I'm aware of:

-the cake decorator (whose hubby got military orders to move just before the wedding)
-the photographer (my brother-in-law, got cancer and had to have surgery)
-the musicians (not sure why; I just heard about this today from an "outside/inside"source)
-the caterer
-the dress alterations place (they were originally told by the shop where she bought the dress that it would be one price for the alterations, but later told, "No, that was just for the top half .The bottom half of the dress is another $150." Whaaaa?

So. please, I ask, Lord, either no more big changes, or the GRACE to flex accordingly. I would prefer the grace of stability in plans, of course.

As I said on Facebook, I have never been more excited for two people married than these two (except for myself and my Prince 25 years ago). For the past 23 months, the Sunday night when they have to part ways for another week have been increasingly painful. It broke my heart to see Dee get teary-eyed as she clung to Ben for just a few more minutes before her long drive back home. It made me nervous to think of Ben driving home tired every other Sunday night, and my husband has witnessed a glum son at work on Mondays, and an eager one on Fridays. I talked to Ben on Saturday and he had quite the to-do list as well, but mainly concentrating on getting the place ready for her to come home to. He's a good cleaner and loves order. I'm sure he'll pay attention to every detail for her happiness.

In the midst of all this, we will be mourning the loss of a precious woman who encouraged us as young parents that we were doing a good job with our kids. A woman who laughed often and loved her family deeply. But how thankful we are that she knew and loved the Lord, and that her suffering was brief.

We are so glad the glum is coming to an end and the joy taking its rightful place. It is such a picture of heaven for those of us who are the Bride of Christ. He has gone to prepare a place for us, and He will come again to take us Home. He is eagerly awaiting for us to come down that grand aisle and whisk us away to a wedding feast and everlasting life with Him. That is what this wedding on earth is reminding me to do--celebrate the covenant that Jesus has made with us! Don't forget that He is coming back. If it seems like a long time, remember there are a lot of details to take care of, and more guests who still have not RSVP'd to His invitation. And the suffering in this life can't compare to the glory that awaits us! The Bridegroom is patiently waiting for all things to be fulfilled according to His great and glorious wedding plans!


Joyce said...

Enjoy your week of preparations and counting down. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and I pray joy reigns as you approach the weekend. Can't wait for pictures and details!

Laurie said...

Wow! All the plans!
Wow! The Bridegroom perspective!
I'm praying for calmness, joy, blessing and expectant hope even amid toil and busyness!
I am sorry for the recent losses and also pray for grace for those situations.
May God grant grace for each need as the countdown continues!

Brenda said...

I love our analogy. And tho' things go wrong and plans have to change, the Wedding still goes on! Praise God!

Brenda said...

Oh HAHA! I'm not vain! "I love Your analogy"! Sometimes my keyboard keys stick!

Kelly C said...

Beautiful post. Thank you!