Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Mother-Son Dance

We danced to a song called "The Man You've Become."
I had heeded advice from other mothers to listen to the song over and over before the wedding, getting out my cries, and then during the dance itself, think of funny things and talk about non-serious stuff. Ben has a way of cracking me up. He said, "How long does this song last anyway?" I cracked him up, too. I said, "Not long enough. I'm enjoying this dance. Except for the neck ache. I love looking up at your happy face, but do you have to be so tall??" I suppose I might have been a wee bit sappy when I added, "I really am proud of the man you've become, Ben.
I love you." He sort of nodded like "yeah, yeah," and repeated how hungry he was and he could hardly wait for the song to end so he could eat.

One thing I like
about this picture is the ring on his finger.
It truly says, "I'm a married man."

I made the little hair thingy, thanks to my hairdresser's suggestion a couple weeks earlier.
When I told her I planned to wear pearls with a deep wine colored dress, she said a simple
white flower with pearls from Michael's would be pretty. I was afraid of something falling out of my hair because it's not thick and it's soft (when it's not frizzy). She told me to "hot glue it like crazy"to the kind of cheap metal barrette that simply bends butterfly-style in the middle. So, for about three bucks, voila! A pearly hair flower hot glued like crazy and it never once fell out.


Laurie said...

Love this!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a sweet post and he really is tallllllll! Praying you have a wonderful relationship with your DIL, that is so important and so many don't. I am blessed to have a wonderful DIL and we share a sweet relationship. Blessings to you!

Susan Kane said...

Such a sweet wonderful time for you all!