Monday, June 11, 2012

Easiest Ever Corn on the Cob

My sister Rachel, who is here visiting from Texas, manages a kitchen store.  One week she had two different customers come in and mention how to make corn on the cob the fastest way ever in the microwave with the husks on! Since we were having a crab feast and corn, she suggested we try an ear and see if those customers were right.    Lo and behold, they were!  I might never fix COTC any other way.  Almost all the silks come off easily this way and you don't heat up the kitchen nor have to wash an extra pot.   It only takes three minutes. Seriously, three minutes per ear, folks.

Here's what you do:

Set the ear of corn, unshucked, in the microwave. (We didn't even use a paper plate, just set it directly on the turn table.)

Cook for 3 minutes.

Remove it with towels. It's SUPER HOT!  Let it cool slightly.  Do not attempt to shuck it!

Still using toweling to protect your hands, cut about 1-2 inches off the blunt end off (that is, not the pointy end).

Holding the blunt end, squeeze the corn out the top end.  It will slide out pretty easily. If it doesn't, cut a little more off the blunt end.

Season with butter and pepper, or butter and Old Bay seasoning (rubbed directly off the crabs, of course!).  This was so delish that even my oldest child who have never liked corn no matter what, actually told his wife, "I think I could eat corn this way." 

I can see buying a couple ears of corn to go with my lunch since it's this easy! 


Anonymous said...

If we could still eat corn I'd give that a try.

Joyce said...

I've never tried it this way. We always do ours on the grill which is also easy. Totally envious of your crab feast : )

Laurie said...

This was the way my Mom learned to cook it a few years before she died… but before she learned this extremely simplified method, we shucked, "boiled", bagged and froze a LOT of ears! This is the best less mess method that I know for fresh corn! Oh YUM! I

Laurie said...

BTW- Fresh "roasting ears" are a reason I talked myself out of "hard core no-carb" dieting this summer… no doubt that some other food will interfere this Autumn too…hmmmm.
This amazing micro. method is the way my Mom learned to fix them a few years before she died… before that, we shucked, boiled and froze many many ears together. (Good times!)

Beth Zimmerman said...

Crab Feast sounds divine! We've been grilling our COTC lately. YUM!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

My SIL's mother fixes COTB this way all the time and shared the method with me a few years ago. It is hard to believe it works so well. I do love me some corn!

Happy week!