Friday, June 08, 2012

Wasn't What I Really Wanted to Say

I wrote for five minutes but didn't really get around to saying what I really wanted to say. (See post below.)
So I have to get this out there for my praying friends.

Yesterday we got a second dog. Her name is Brownie. I'll post pictures when I can, but no time now.
Brownie is at least 10 years old. I think her hips bother her and maybe she has nerve issues in her hind legs, or maybe cataracts. I don't know. Because last night, just as she sneaked upstairs around the barricade, Paul and Joel sent her back down, but poor thing, she took three steps and fell down the rest of the way. I thought Joel was going to cry. But the dog was okay. Scared Paul and me pretty bad, too, except I didn't see it.

Here's what else we know. Mostly we don't know a whole lot.

a. She belonged to an elderly man who loved GSPs (her breed) ,so I'm sure she was well loved.
b. The man died recently.
c. Brownie has been being cared for by the man's daughter.
d.  The daughter, not so young either, is coming home from the hospital after hip surgery and needed the dog gone yesterday.
e. We agreed to take her after talking and praying about it.
f. We agreed this is on a trial basis.
g. Reilly went nuts when Brownie first got here, but after 10 mintues, was fine. He mostly ignored her.
h. The crate that came with her is rusty and stinky, beyond hope, so we're looking for a new one, cheap or free.
i.   My sister is coming from TX today. She has 2 dogs so is used to it.  She'll be fine, I hope, with ours.
j.  Brownie peed a river in the kitchen last night, but didn't whine after a while.  I cleaned it up.
k.  I took her for a walk first thing this morning., She did great. Didn't pant at all after a quarter mile downhill and back up.  I, however, DID pant.
L. I showed her where to poop in the back yard. Found myself saying, "This is where we poop. What am I talking about? This is where YOU poop, not me!"
m. Reilly refuses to be ignored.
n. My sister is coming and the house needs help.
o.  I need prayer. Joel cried last night after spending some time with Brownie. Cried from disappointment. I think he was expecting it to be easy and smooth right off the bat. He doesn't remember Reilly being difficult the first week or two. I was ready to give him back after three days and had never in my life experienced that. This dog is easy peasy by comparison because she can't knock you over, jump gates,
doesn't really shed, and hasn't barked. She nipped at Reilly once when he was pestering her. Good for her.
p.  This is a bit like having a newborn except I don't have to wear nursing pads.
q. My kitchen is barricaded with chairs. Nothing says welcome quite like gating off two-thirds of your house to guests.

r.   I need prayer. Oh, I think I said this.

t. This is another unedited five minute thing, unlinked. I am getting more comfortable with making typos and not apologizing for them. I must be getting old. 


Anonymous said...

Not getting old....getting CONFIDENT.

Katharine said...

Oh my... it is like having a newborn!
Praying you have a wonderful weekend!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, bless you and your family's hearts. How kind of you but I couldn't have done it. Poor dog, he's probably really missing his original owner too. So, it's big adjustments for all concerned.

Hope you have a nice visit with your sister.

Briana Almengor said...

You are funny and I will pray for your weekend. and your dogs and your sister. :O)

Beth Zimmerman said...

*L* cracked me up! We have an arthritic German Shepherd who is scared to death of the kitchen floor. So glad our only stairs are the outdoor variety!

Laurie said...

Do NOT lose sleep over typos!!! (I pray you'l lose no sleep over Brownie, either!) !