Friday, June 01, 2012

You Deserve a Big Hand

All the parents of the fourth graders in our school pitched in money for a teacher gift this week.  I volunteered to shop for gift cards and present the gift as a whole at yesterday's class party.

But I wanted to jazz up the presentation a bit.  The phrase  "You deserve a big hand" popped into my head and out came a cheesy idea that I couldn't resist.

So I gave her a big hand.   A very big hand made of posterboard.

Want to know how? I'm sure this will be all the rage at upcoming graduation and retirement parties.  Mark my word. 

Step 1.  Trace your hand on posterboard and then exaggerate it, caricature-style.
Step 2.  Cut it out, and if it doesn't turn out right, make a new one.
Step 3.   Make fingernails of a different color (posterboard or construction paper) and glue them on. This lady loves manicures, and so we gave her a gift certificate to her nail salon. 
Step 4:  Tape the gift cards in place on the hand, wherever you want. 
Step 5.  Make a bracelet for the wrist and write on it the words "Thank you. You deserve a big hand."
Step 6.  Wrap it in fun paper and watch her giggle when she opens it.


Anonymous said...

That's a terrific idea.

Laurie said...

I love it!!!