Friday, June 08, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Expectation

I really don't have five minutes to be doing this.  But I need my praying friends to pray for us..  I'm linking up over at Gypsy Mama who hosts Five Minute Friday. The idea is to write stream-of-consciousness style for five minutes straight on a given topic. No editing, no backtracking, no right or wrong to go about it. But just five minutes. So here we go.


All my life we always had more than one dog, from the time our sheltie pup gave birth to three puppies. It was the norm. But when I became a mom, and the kids were young but old enough to be responsible for a pet, we got a dog.  One dog was plenty, She was a border collie named Lady and we didn't have a lot of room. We didn't even have sheep, so she spent her time rounding up kids.

Then one day while we were on vacation, she died in the kennel. Joel was a baby. He doesn't remember her.  I never expected her die that way.

We couldn't do without a dog. Too lonely. Within two months we had a new dog. Molly. You have been with me on this blog remember Molly stories.  A golden retriever. She was precious, a sweetheart, the best dog I ever had. But one day, while I was on vacation alone, Sarah called and said Molly was in real bad way, bleeding from the leg. When I got home, we had just a week with her and had to put her down.   I expected the day would come, but I thought it would be  slow demise. It wasn't. It was painfully quick.

A month later we got Reilly, the mutt you side on the sidebar. I expected having dog like him would be a handful. He is.  We went on vacation and he had to be kenelled. Got diarrhea for a week straight after that. I wasn't expecting it.

Now we have another dog yesterday.  An old German Shorthaired Pointer.  Brownie is her name. She's at least 10, maybe 13, half blind.Partially deaf maybe, but rather spry when on a walk. I expect her to not live long, but I don't want to take a vacation.


Zoanna said...

FYI: The dog got diarrhea for a week straight. Not me. I'm not sure I like NOT editing, but you gotta admit it's funny.

Dolly@Soulstops said...

Hi Zoanna,

Oh my, I can understand why you wouldn't want to go on vacation. So sorry, what a hard way to lose a dog. Dogs add so much to family life, don't they? Ours is reaching the end, but we don't know what to is our first one as a family...Blessings...linked up after you at 5MF

Stacie said...

I can certainly understand not wanting to take a trip! Prayers for you and your sweet friend...