Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Blog Title?

I'm considering changing the name of my blog.  When I wrote my first-ever blog post in 2005, I didn't know the difference between a blog and a post.  I didn't realize it's the difference between a  journal and an entry, a newspaper and an article.  The techy stuff was so new and confusing to me that when I was asked to put "blog title"  when I was setting up my blog, I put the title of my first post, "A Penchant for Pens."  The post was an essay on my love for the writing utensil, and had a spiritual twist to it.

The title has been fine with me for seven years, but I have the "seven year itch" now in this marriage with my blog.I still have a penchant for pens.  I'm sure I always will.

As a title, "A Penchant for Pens" is unique in blog world, and so that's a plus. But it doesn't really capture what my blog is about, except for a nod to a love for writing and art. Maybe that's enough.  But maybe it's time for change.

Other things in my life are changing (in big ways) so why not bring the blog along? Maybe my blog is going through menopause. Maybe it needs a new direction. No, I'm not discontent with the direction. I don't plan to change it to one singular theme. I am perfectly happy with the freedom to write about whatever suits my fancy.

My regular readers don't seem to mind that I write about "whatever," and for those who just stop in for a visit, I can't promise what'll be on the menu. That is, I will continue to write about family, teaching, dogs, art, traveling, God, goals, food, marriage, aging in midlife, decorating, homemaking, friends, the "whole nine yards."  I will still participate in memes because I enjoy them and the added fun of getting comments from various readers who like the same sorts of things.

One thing  I can't promise, however, is that I'll ditch my corny sense of humor. It's the only sense I have.  I'm stuck with it, and so are you if you stick around with me.

Have I considered other  blog titles? Nope. I am just in the embryonic stage of ideas. It could take 40 weeks, just like a baby, to fully develop and be named.

Got suggestions? Comments? Feedback? Should I keep the name? I'm also considering buying a dot come domain for more freedom, but I really have no clue what I'm doing after that.  


Anonymous said...

I like the title but it's your need to adjust it to make yourself happy. Just give us lots of warning so we can find you again.

Laurie said...

Actually, I've always thought your blog title was rather brilliant. :) It's clever just like you.

Anonymous said...

I, too, like the title of your blog. It promises yarns to be told (pun intended). I vote for keeping it!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You need to be happy and if you want to change it, then I say, "go for it." And, I definitely endorse buying your own domain and I highly recommend Go Daddy. They are great and I love have my blog set up as instead of all that blogspot jargon.

Just for the record, I do like the name of your blog. :o)

Joyce said...

I think your blog name is unusual and in blogging that's a plus. I'm interested in the .com possibility too...I get stressed thinking about making a switch though

Laurie said...

I love your blog and the "whatever" posts!
I have two suggestions:
1. Do not ditch your corny humor;)
2. "Blog Menopause" is natural! (Blogs seem to have cycles of menopauses!) So, make changes that suit YOU and bring satisfaction to your creative soul!~
I pray for direction for that seven year itch and as you work through your blog's hot flashes and other menopausal predicaments!

Zoanna said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. I might keep the name and just give the blog a facelift. :)

Amy said...

I love your title. maybe because I share a penchant for pens? :) I think it suits you. funny to hear how it ended up as your blog name though! I'm not sure if I've ever read that original post...will have to go look now!