Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Peeps Made Me Happy on Christmas Eve

We had  a MOST pleasant Christmas Eve.
Snow began to fall around 2 pm, and actually
stuck to the ground. Sometime before it got too dark,
I corraled the kids onto the front porch for a
We had fun --or at least I did-- with this
cold, brr-chill, photo shoot.
I used my not-so-great little camera
because I didn't think my Nikon was charged.
I should've checked.
Anyway, I
 just starting turning the dial of setting and
clicking away like a goon.
To get the youngest to smile I had to
make a heeHEEEEE! squeal,
totally embarrassing him.
Disarming someone with a cackle
like the Wicked Witch of the West
works like a charm.

                                              Life goes by in  a blur, doesn't it?

       Someone decided it was more important
to wear Christmas green than to wear long sleeves. It's the first time I've seriously
questioned her judgment, and we really razzed her about that.
Someone is using the gum in his mouth to help him maintain
the tough guy look he hopes I'll settle for.

HeeHEEEE! One more shrill squeal and
Mom gets Gum Boy to really smile.
A genuine smile from the 10 year old.
None of the shots with my husband and me turned out well.
 Here's hoping you had a merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Good New Year.
From Zoanna, Paul, & Family 

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