Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stockings of Burlap, Gabardine, and Ravens Material

Having my sewing machine repaired right before Christmas put me in making mood, for sure. I was just going to make two stockings--one for Steve and one for his fiancee' so they'll have keepsake decorations for their first Christmas as newlyweds. 

But I got a little carried away.

Ambrey loves the look of burlap and lace together, so of course I went aPinteresting for inspiration.  I also went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a Christmas gift, and  naturally had to visit the clearance section while there. 

Then, what to my wandering eyes should appear?
An embroidered, tan valance for five bucks, my dear!

 It was perfect for the trim I had in mind.  Last stop: JoAnn's, for burlap, cream liner fabric, and  pearl buttons (which she LOVES).

I made the burlap stocking using this helpful and funny tutorial    I had to do quite a bit of hand-stitching to keep the embroidered piece in place, and had to trim out some excess within the paisley to keep things matched up at the seam without bulk.

I also used the other part of the valance (gauzy fabric) to make the background for her monogram.  Handstitching that onto the cuff was a bit time-consuming, but worth it.  She was so tickled with the result.

For Steve, I made one of grey gabardine  and "white collar" as a nod to the corporate world he entered this year.  The cream fabric is the same as the one in her stocking.

I kept his simple and straightforward.  The only thing I asked him his opinion about was whether he wanted the background square for the S to be turned on point. He said yes, on point. "It looks kinda cool like that."  And did it need three buttons or just two? He liked two.

Now I was on a roll.  I zipped along on the ole Kenmore and made a stocking for my oldest son who is now married. He is a die-hard Ravens fan.  I had the Ravens material in my stash, and simply bought the solid purple and black to line it.  I also bought iron-on letters for his name.  My husband made fun of me for getting all excited about my "pretty little stitch" on the trim.  He kept saying (in an old lady/ high pitched voice), "What a pretty little stitch!"    

Last year I bought a fuzzy pink stocking for Ben's fiancee' (now wife). I embellished it this year
to make it uniquely hers,  but one of the letters in her name didn't stay put,
and I couldn't get to the store for a replacement in time.
The next post on stockings will feature hers plus the one I am making for my daughter, Lord willing.
There ya have it. Christmas stockings, some of Zo Z's Cozies.


Beth Zimmerman said...

They are adorable! I'm very impressed! =)

Laura said...

All of them turned out so cute! Glad the tutorial was somewhat comprehensible. :)