Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Postponing Christmas Tour of Homes till Dec 13

I'm sorry, folks, if you have gotten all 'prepped and ready' for the Christmas Tour of Homes I announced would start right here on Dec 6.  Truth is, I will not be ready by then. Today I spent the morning in bed after feeling blah--not quite sick but definitely not well.  Un peu nauseous, un peu dizzy, avec grande malaise!  Perhaps on the verge of getting  the stomach bug? Perhaps I've gone to bed too late too many nights in a row and my body is rebelling? Perhaps I've had too much gluten which definitely (I've learned just in the past couple months) negatively affects of  my digestion, energy, and mood.

Today I had made grandiose plans to:

1) attend chapel at 9:05 and hear the surprise announcement at the end
2) spend 10:30 to 12:30 helping my friend G get some things done (she has MS)
3) have lunch at PeiWei with my hubby and maybe my son (they work at the same place) because they're five minutes from G's and 35 minutes from home
4) bip-bop around picking up gift cards
5) come home and put my feet up, then make dinner, then decorate the porch with the greens being delivered via a school fundraiser

However...and this "however" was big...I woke up this morning with that feeling that "something just isn't right"--which  put a bit fat hole in my plans. 

Plan B went like so:

1) dropped the boy off at school
2) sent a text of apology to my friend (the worst part of it all, letting someone down)
3) came home, microwaved eggs  for the dogs since the dry dog food was gone, then let them out, let them back in, then curled up under four layers of blankets in bed. My bedroom ,which is normally gloriously bright and sunny and mood-lifting,  felt obnoxiously bright and sunny  since I had half a headache and just.wanted.to.sleep!
4)  The phone woke me up. Grr.. A car dealership wanting us to trade in hubby's car which seems to be one of the kinds that's a  hot commodity with car dealers. (Keeuh A-mahn-tee.) The more the phone lady begged, the more attractive the car seems to be. Did she realize she was talking me into keeping it?  She asked what I liked best about it and I said, "It's paid for! It's hard to beat a deal like that!" They're looking for cars with a known history (who knows what cars have been under Sandy's waters on the East Coast?) and particularly ones that have been well maintained. My hubby is the kind of guy who parks "way away" from other cars so it doesn't get dinged. He requests I do the same when I drive it.  I try to comply--or at least park between or beside other nice cars whose  drivers also baby their vehicles.
5) "Wait upon the Lord" and have my strength renewed, and "mount up like wings as eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint." 
6)  Get Chinese carry-out or maybe...just maybe??--have a dinner date with my hubby at the new Chinese place in town we've heard good things about.  Besides, I can't wait to hear how his "interview" with the new boss went today. Things at work are getting "all shook up" and I hope it's all for good!

Boy, that was a long couple of paragraphs to say why I'm postponing the CTofH. Sheesh. Brevity and I are no bosom buddies, are we?  (Actually, who wants brevity in their bosom. anyway?) 

Getting to my point (as the "long and short" of any matter seems to be on the "long" end when I talk about it, huh?):

The short end is this:  I have too much cleaning and decorating to do before even taking pictures and writing a  thoughtful blog post in two days.

So, if you had been stressed as well about the Dec 6th "deadline," rest your pretty head. Consider it one of my 12 Christmas Kindnesses and give yourself an extra week to get ready.  Actually, in all honesty, it's a kindness I'm showing myself, and I like to "do unto others..."  Although, I do apologize if you had rearranged your life to make the Dec 6 CTofH happen as scheduled.

See you  NEXT Thursday-- the 13th!!!  Are you in? Please tell me so I have something to look forward to!!!

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Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Brevity in the bosom! That is so hysterical!

I do hope that you are feeling much, much better and were up to a dinner date this evening. It's not the time of year to be "under the weather." But, no time is......

Christmas blessings!