Monday, April 08, 2013

A Note to Commenters

I was told that some people wouldn't bother leaving a comment if I didn't turn off captcha in the A to Z blog challenge.  Well, some people don't leave comments anyway, and they visit here regularly. It's kind of taking without giving, don't you think?

When I turned off captcha, all this spam started pouring in.  What a headache .  And probably a virus because my computer is running really slowly now. Erg. It was better before the A to Z Challenge.
It's not worth it to get maybe 2 or 3 more comments, as much as I enjoy hearing from new people. If it matters to you to get your message through, you can tap a few more keys.

Just sayin'.

I've now turned captcha back on. If it bothers you too much to take a few extra moments to comment, sorry. But some people are obviously just stopping by for exposure to their blog, which I find a bit
un-neighborly. Please, at least comment on something in the post and don't just say, "Come check out my blog."  

Is it asking too much? 

1 comment:

Beth Zimmerman said...

Sorry about the SPAM< Zo! That stinks! Join WP and I'll show you how to eliminate the SPAM problem! I don't think Google/Blogger takes care of that at all anymore and they were really good a few years ago. I'm also finding an increasing number of Blogger blogs that won't even bring up a comment box for me. =(