Tuesday, April 02, 2013

How to Decorate a Lampshade with Vellum and Quotes

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I didn't get a "before" picture of my lampshade because as soon as I got the idea to change the look of the shade, I plunged right in. 

Mine was just a plain vanilla shade that did nothing for me.  However, I liked the size, shape, and base, and had always wanted to use quotes and Bible verses on a lampshade. (Thank you, Pinterest.)

Here were my materials:
booklet of vellum scrapbook quotes
Creative Memories double-tip pen
Mod Podge
small sponge brush
paper flowers from a second (Goodwill-bound) lampshade for decoration

My steps:

1. Choose a theme. (I chose "life" for two reasons: my name means "abundant life" (zoe) in Greek. (John 10:10), and I feel alive when I'm creating in my craft room. This lamp is for my work table in there.)

2. Using a booklet of quotes printed on vellum (opaque paper with a  plastic-like feel),  I cut out quotes, applied them with Mod Podge and a small sponge brush, and placed where I liked them. 

3.  Where there were blank spaces calling, "Fill me! Fill me!"  I used a marker  and wrote scripture verses. (I used  a turquoise CM pen.)

4. Some quotes by the world's authors might need to be edited. (Sorry, George Eliot.) 


5. Sometimes you goof, in which case it's helpful to have cover-ups.  I only had one big goof, and covered it with vanilla acrylic paint  to match. It did. But only when the light was turned off! 
As soon as the bulb was on, however, there was a big ugly dark patch showing.  

This other lampshade was destined for the trash since it was completely dysfunctional. The best flowers on it covered my goofs in style. 


5.  The final result is a functional, personalized, inspiring lampshade. 

6.  Then, to get all the life out of the other lampshade, I cut the cord off, and took out almost everything.  It looked like a paper towel holder to me.

7   Voila! I always need paper towels handy when I'm painting in my craft room.


Nel said...

I Love The Lampshade! What a neat idea with the quotes!
until next time...nel

Beth Zimmerman said...

That is VERY cool! I may have to do that sometime ... if I ever have a surface clear enough for a desk/table lamp! =)