Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Venison in Verse

Verily, verily, I say unto thee
Venison--the first time-- I ate unwittingly.
How so? Well, my brother-in-law made chili;
I was half through it when he asked ,"So, you lke Bambi?"

Vomit I didn't, but felt like crying.
For the taste I enjoyed some deer went dying.
That was the first time I started trying
To come to terms with self-denying.

For I must admit, that venison was moist,
Juicy, and tender, so my spoon I did hoist.
But my opinion? You know it got voiced.
"Why'd you dupe me? So you could rejoice?"

Well, I got over it, and came to terms
With the fact that it's deer meat-- not worms.
I fought my conscience as if fighting germs.
My principles? Label them "flabbies", not "firms."

Those principles wiggled and jiggled like my upper thighs.
When I tasted the venison, my resolve went bye-byes.
Down my gullet, fooled by my eyes.
Deer meet is no longer just a hunter's sweet prize.

1 comment:

Teresa Coltrin said...

Hey, Zoanna, ME TOO. I was tricked into eating deer meat by way of chili. Whaaa. It was great.