Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mayonnaise Bread

Growing up, we buttered our bread.

Sometimes we'd put peanut butter and jelly on it.

Once in a while, for lunch, my mom would fix us bologna sandwiches--and if money were flowing freely--we'd get cheese and lettuce on them. The sandwich was made with white bread, a thin layer of mayonnaise, bologna, and the occasional luxuries. That was it.

Mayonnaise was always topped with other things, in my experience. I never ever thought of it as a stand-alone condiment, like butter.

My husband, however, grew up eating what they called "mayonnaise bread."  It was simple: mayonnaise on bread.  Nothing added--and not just because they were poor, but because they loved mayonnaise bread.

"Ick!"  I said to him the first time I saw him make it for himself, when we were first married.

In fact, I didn't say "Ick!" right away, because I thought he was building his sandwich from the ground up, with a mayo foundation. To my horror, he lathered that bread up with white caps of mayo, put the knife in the sink, put the Hellman's away, and proceeded to chow down.

"What are you doing?" I asked, half shocked.

"I'm eating mayonnaise bread."

"You mean mayonnaise ON bread?  Are you so hungry you can't add a slice of turkey and maybe some lettuce?"

He informed me that this was a family tradition he grew up with and that I should try it.

No, thank you! It's not complete and it looks gross.  Besides, we're a new family. We can start our own traditions.

And we did. It's called he eats mayonnaise bread and I don't and whaddya know? It's been 26 years since we started that tradition and we're still together.

Lesson learned:  What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander, at least as the goose defines "good." 


Beth Zimmerman said...

Just be glad Miracle Whip didn't enter the argument! We still buy both! =)

Zoanna said...

Neither of us likes Miracle Whip!

Julia said...

I do not like mayonnaise, but my mom used to like mayo and cheese sandwiches. Just not my cup of tea, but I would make these for her. I prefer making a lovely avocado spread to put on my sandwich. I like how you told a story about mayonnaise in this post.

Lea Culp said...

Well, I'd be with you, not gonna be eating any mayo bread! But, whatever floats ones boat is good by me. Great post!

Joyce said...

I'd probably like it : ). I like mayo and I like bread. Neither are really on my diet.

Changes in the wind said...

Love all you food memories that really lead to love memories...

Stella Marie said...

I've heard of this before and I totally agree - ick ick ick! But at least he uses Hellmann's!! :-)

April said...

Hmm...not a fan of mayo, so this probably wouldn't be for me. One thing I do like, though...mustard on saltine crackers. YUM!

Kathy said...

We grew up eating mayonaise sandwiches at our house, too! I haven't thought about eating one in years though. I'm now a Miracle Whip convert :)

Susan Kane said...

Ours was a Miracle Whip house until I married. Now it's mayo, or nothing. And I remember those sandwiches.