Saturday, March 22, 2014

Evolution of the C Block

A kind quilter online asked other quilters in one of my chat rooms if I'd like to participate in making a quilt for a certain woman named Carolyn.  Of course I would, since the requirements were easy:  one 12.5 inch block in earth tones, preferably batiks.  I knew I wanted greens and golds to predominate.

The multi-color batik is from the stash I bought from the widower I've mentioned here a few times. (He sold all of his late wife's quilting stuff, and I bought a small portion of it, with the promise to bless others with it, as she would have done.)

In the back of my mind, I entertained the idea of doing applique' .  But I was afraid. Why? Because it's still new to me, and because Carolyn is an outstanding quilter herself.  I felt a bit like Julie cooking for Julia.

I think this block went through more "wardrobe changes" than an adolescent girl.  I can't believe how long it took to decide on the center part. The outside came together fairly easily.

Here were all the ones that didn't make the cut: 

Not enough difference in scale:

Purple print was too dark:

The colors of the Asian lion print were perfect, but his expression was freaking me out.  What was I thinking when I bought it? 


Is this Christmas in March?

The brown just looked like diarrhea to me.

Even with better lighting.

                                                       Can you see two birds or just three flowers?
I'm liking the flowers, though. 

Heck, no. 

So, back to the flowers. I decided to cut them out and applique them on. 
I fell in love with Heat 'n Bond Lite (purple packaging).  It made the fusing
very easy. Then, after practicing my machine applique on 
a piece of scrap, I got brave and did it "for real" on this block.

The final product? 
Here she is. 

I'm no longer afraid of applique'.  I'm still far from good at it, but it doesn't scare me anymore.

I hope Carolyn likes my block.

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