Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook, 3.6.14

Linking today over at The Simple Woman's Daybook, wherein I show a shred of life in my little corner of the globe.


Outside my window...

snow is melting, chickadees and finches and grackles and cardinals gather for eats and chit-chat among themselves about which seeds are the tastiest.  Sunflowers take the top vote.

I am thinking... of how I'd much rather be at the quilt expo with my friend Kathleen instead of having a child home from school with a migraine.  

I am thankful...that I can be home with him, not missing work or feeling guilty. 

In the kitchen...are some cabinets that may just be getting removed and replaced this spring!

I am wearing... a long-sleeved. black V-neck shirt with a zip-up navy blue fleece, blue cotton stretch pants, grey socks, and red slippers.  Oh, and lovely plum nail color that would've gone oh-so-nicely with the top I was going to wear to the quilt show. 

I am creating...several little messes   projects in my sewing room. 

An Ohio Star Block

 A four-patch doll quilt

A baby car seat  quilt

A Pinwheel block

I am be tutoring a pre-K girl, starting next week. Lord willing. 

I am way of a poem I feel coming on as I type...

"Spring, O, Spring, wherefore art thou. o fairest of seasons? 
Let us dance, shall we? Don thy dancing heels--the daffodils--
and a petticoat of pretty crocus.
Thou tarrieth long,
 Thy breath teaseth on the breeze 
by the singing of sparrows,
by the rhythm of blues in the sky of  late afternoon,
by the hip-hop of March hares from marsh lairs, 
by the swing of boughs bowed low from ice and snow.
Come, O Spring.  Shall we dance?"

I am reading...Corrie ten Boom with my son.   There was a line in it about her father's clock shop not suffering for customers, but rather doing a booming business when the Nazis started patrolling  their Dutch town.  My son piped up, "Aha. Good one. Booming? tenBoom? Get it?" 
I'm sure the author didn't intend the pun.  

I am start demolishing the master bathroom soon  so we can remodel it just ahead of the kitchen job. 

I am looking forward to...holding this little girl again this weekend. Here's my six-month old  niece trying to choose which of her new shoes to try on first  It's a tough choice...

I am recite The Declaration of Independence with my sixth grader.   

 "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Law of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them..."

Around the evidence that our dog, who is 28 years old in human years, is only 28 months old in dog years.  Oy. 

I am pondering...what I found out last night I went to hear a missionary talk about his work as a Bible translator in Indonesia. Once upon a time, I thought I was called to do that. Now, 38 years later, I think God wants me involved somehow, some way. There are 7000 languages in the world, and 700 of them alone are on on the island of Indonesia! 

A favorite quote for today...  I was giving my son a history lesson about the phrase "separate but equal" while helping him memorize the very first  part of the Declaration of Independence .  I said, "It's like horses and cows. Separate but equal." He cocked his head in that "are you kidding me, Mom?" way a middle school child does and said, "Can we just get back to Thomas Jefferson instead of talking about horses and cows?" 

One of my favorite a day like today.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  volunteer in first grade, maybe take in the quilt show on Saturday, deliver a little quilt.

A peek into my day...


Susan Kane said...

LOvely poem. And the quilt colors are so pretty. You lucky, Aunt, to get some love time with that little girl.

Lover of Sangria and Sunsets (yes, together) said...

My Dear Jane quilt has been hanging on my design wall untouched since September. Your pieces have inspired me to get back to it. Thank you for sharing your day.