Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Feeling my Writing Mojo

Maybe it's busyness. I have a part-time job now that I love. It requires finding books, puppets, games, and other fun learning resources at the library and online.

Maybe it's that my love of quilting has risen from passion to obsession.

Maybe it's that my comment box is usually on the empty side, and that makes me feel that my posts are a waste of time.

Whatever "it" is, I wonder if my writing mojo is buried beneath the cold, hard, snow-laden earth with last fall's acorns.

In previous years, I've wanted to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April.  Not so this year. I can't think of a theme to guide my posts, sustain my motivation, or compel my hand to complete the fragments in my mind six days a week for a whole month. This year, that 'challenge' sounds draining, not inspiring to the writer in me.

A toddler does not learn to walk and talk at the same time; the brain handles one thing at a time for maximum efficiency.  For now, it would seem, this talker is doing more "walking" in her life.  She is reading blogs, to be sure, but her own blog may be quieter in the days ahead.


Carrie Bullock said...

I totally get the no mojo thing! It happens to me almost daily. Ha. Then I remind myself that I started writing in the context of a daily journal and to keep the home fires burning, if you will, for my kids who went to school out of state. And I stop worrying about 'entertaining' strangers and remember instead to write what I want, when I want.
Maybe you weave your passion/obsession of quilting into a weekly post... I mean, we need to see what you're up to! :)

April said...

I go through those same feelings from time-to-time, Zoanna. Sometimes, a little break works wonders and you come back feeling so refreshed!

Lea said...

I understand totally but I will say that when you do write, it is well worth reading and most entertaining. All the best and we'll be waiting on your return.