Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Years of Wedded Bliss

Happy second anniversary to my oldest son and his wife.  Today marks two years of marriage for Ben and Deirdra.

Two years have sped by, haven't they?   These lovebirds have settled into a new nest of their own and are so happy.  Their marriage reflects the love of Christ to people around them.  They are active in their church as small group leaders, and are involved in a ministry to raise awareness of--in faith for stopping--sex trafficking in our city. They are also on a hospitality team to set up coffee and donuts on Sunday mornings at church,  and they often have people in their home sharing a meal. I just love that about them.

With keys to their first house, their faces exude happiness, don't they?  I think I can read her expression:
"Can't wait to decorate this place!"

And his? "I'm dreading the mortgage payments."

So many wonderful memories will be made in this charming little home.

The house that ushered in loads of snow all winter long. Snow fell on moving day, bless their hearts!  That's something they won't forget.

Dates to Home Depot.
The romantic purchase of a snow shovel.

Yeah, baby, that's life as homeowners.  And of course, being the gentlemanly husband that he is, Ben always scrapes off Dee's car windows before they go to work.

Big Ben carried Little One (as he calls her) over the threshold at the end of January when they moved in.

The gigantic obstructing wall you see in this photo is now gone. Ben is the kind of guy who just likes to get things done, so the second weekend they lived there, the wall came down, a pretty new handrail went up around the basement staircase,  and now there's a clear view from the front door  to the lovely back yard.

The front door where I expect to be greeted by smiling babies and loud toddler grandcuties someday. The yard where their grandpa will be building a swingset with their Daddy.

Woops, there I go again.  I just cain't help m'self sometimes.

Happy anniversary to my wonderful, precious "kids."  They'll always be kids to us, even when they're my age.  And they'll always be wonderful and precious to me.


Susan Kane said...

My 87 yr. old MILaw can't believe that she has a 63 yr. son---after all she is still 40, isn't she!

Zoanna said...

Heehee! I would have a hard time beleiving that myself!

Zoanna said...


April said...

Happy Anniversary to them both!

April said...

Quick have you managed to make your photos so large on your blog? Whenever I've attempted to do that, they bleed over into my sidebar.

Lea said...

Oh, wow, can't believe it's been 2 years. Of course, mine have been married for 12 years and 10 years. Goodness! times does march on.

Congratulations on their first house. And, do hope that they will fill it up for you one day with those precious Grans. But, let me warn you, they take a whole lotta energy and will wear you slam out. But, it's so wonderful when you can send them home with their Dad and Mom. :o)))

Happy week!

Zoanna said...

April, I wish I had a quick and easy answer to your question. I'm just not that tech savvy. My kneejerk reaction is to say it's the template and has something to do with my settings? I usually choose X-large option for posts (if the picture is good enough) but I'm not sure how they fit! Maybe some other commenter can tell you. Sorry!

Zoanna said...

Lea, I am sure grands will wear us "slam out"! LOL. And I'm looking forward to that trump card of all grandparents--the "send them home" card.

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your kids getting their first home! Lots of time for memory making now!

Joyce said...

Aww, so sweet! Happy Anniversary to your 'kids'!