Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pinterest Party

Welcome to my first Pinterest Party! If you would like to join, please leave a comment and we'll follow you to your blog. I apologize in advance for not knowing or figuring out how to do Mr. Linky.  (I just got hired for a job two days ago and I start tomorrow, so I've been busy preparing.)

Here's a smattering of things I've made from January through the present.

The inspiration quilt was a play mat from McCall's Quilting, a pattern called "Matchy Matchy."  I knew instantly that I wanted to make a variation on the idea. My version has only 36 squares, two of each print, 6 inches each (finished), and with fewer colors.  But it is meant for my niece's little brain to be stimulated by the patterns.  I can't wait to deliver it later this week.

I haven't named this quilt yet. Can you give some suggestions?

 This is the backing:

In January I  joined a small quilting board chat challenge with the theme "Black and White and Red All Over."  We could make anything we wanted, but it had to be in those colors and had to be for ourselves.

I wanted a large pincushion so that I didn't have to think so much about aiming my pins.  I also wanted something very solid. I stuffed this one with shreds and scraps of fabrics that I keep when cutting.

This is my "Ouch" pincushion, courtesy of Pinterest.   I combined these fabrics, added the letters (free-handed)...

and came up with this.  It's far from perfect, but it does the job and makes me smile.

Thanks, "Pin"terest!

In February, I sewed up 28 little fabric bags for my daughter (the teacher)'s first grade class. I put a Hershey's Kiss in each one and tied them with ribbon I had. I gave them to the 26 kids, the teacher, and her co-worker. They were a big hit.

And for a St. Patrick's Day bake sale at my son's school, I made rainbow cookies with M&M's by using this recipe from one of my Pinterest "pins."  The blogger gives the secret to making an ultra-soft, chewy cookie.  My son said they sold out. I asked, "Why, because they were colorful?" And he said, "No, because they were good! I told everyone how soft they were!" 

Your turn! Please leave a comment and your link (if you are playing along). I'll be sure to visit your blog. Thanks for stopping by.


Zoanna said...

My sincere apologies for not providing the links to the Pinterest items. I have been experiencing small computer crashes when using PInterest the past few days. Not every time, but tonight, every time, my screen has shut down and come right back up, but only when I'm on Pinterest. Anyone else having trouble? Too bad the guest of honor is "crashing" my party!

Sally Henry said...

Oh. My. Goodness. And here I was, thinking I was all crafty and stuff... and then BAM - your posts blew me out of the water! However, my friend, I am going to attempt some cute fabric covered boxes for storage this weekend... not tonight, because it is Friday night and I'm legally brain dead I'm pretty sure... but when I do make the boxes, I will certainly send you a picture! And we shall see if it is a success or a Pinterest-Fail! :-)

Joyce said...

I missed the party : ( I've had quite a lot going on in real life, and something had to give. Blog reading was one of those things. I'm just today looking at the hundreds in my reader (not reading them all, more like skimming!). I love the little Hershey Kiss bags : )